How To Join Sellers Before Fellas

If you’re new, you may or may not know that I have a group for used panty sellers called Sellers Before Fellas.

I started this group almost one year ago on KIK (we’ve since moved to Discord – soooooo much better!)

This group is designed to give used panty sellers a community. 

Somewhere we can ask questions, talk about experiences, have a laugh and generally be around other women who understand the work.

We can share ideas, what’s working and what’s not.

But more than this, I’ve always tried to make the group somewhere that sellers can be uplifted and tap into their potential by way of sharing our goals and our successes!

It’s the kind of community I NEEDED when I first started selling my used panties online, but had nowhere to turn to find such a place.

So if you want to join the group, if you’re a seller – new or working in this industry for years – you are welcome.

All members must be verified by me over KIK.

You’ll be asked to send me a live pic of yourself to prove that you’re not a man basically! (We’ve had one sneak in before so this verification protects everyone.)

Then you’re given the discord link and you’re good to go.

The great thing about Discord is that everything is laid out so well, we have separate chat rooms for separate topics. You can also use the search bar to search through previous discussions (nothing is deleted) on your query.

It’s a friendly, supportive group and I don’t tolerate bitching, gossiping or otherwise being negative about other people. But it’s a fair group and I know you’ll love it.

If you want to join, here’s the link: 


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