How To Offer A Girlfriend Experience

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Ultimate How To – Girlfriend Experience Masterclass

I don’t know about you, but the first time somebody approached me looking for a girlfriend experience, I went straight to the internet to search for ‘how to give a girlfriend experience’ and was met with…not much help really! Mostly a bunch of articles about the American TV Series!

That’s why I’ve created The Ultimate How To Girlfriend Experience Masterclass with everything you need to know on how to give an amazing girlfriend experience with a full breakdown of what it is, exactly what to offer, how to price your girlfriend experience, creative ideas on how to make your girlfriend experience stand out from all the rest AND a swipe file with advertising and marketing wording to help you offer a PRO GFE straight off the bat.

This quick and easy guide will tell you everything you need to know so that you can add outstanding Girlfriend Experiences to your offerings and up your income potential.

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How To Give A Girlfriend Experience

The guide contains my own Girlfriend Experience SWIPE FILE…

I’ve done the research so that you don’t have to waste any time in scouring the internet for how to create an outstanding online girlfriend experience guaranteed to please your customers!

Not only am I walking you through EVERYTHING you need to know about offering an online girlfriend experience, I’m also outlining uncommon and creative offers you can share that will really make you stand out, how to price those offers and my swipe file with fun and creative ways to advertise your girlfriend experience. 


What’s Included?

The Girlfriend Experience Masterclass includes:

What’s included in a girlfriend experience

Why buyers are looking for a girlfriend experience and how you can use that knowledge to make your offers compelling and satisfying

A full explanation of the different types of girlfriend experiences you can offer and how to make them work for you

What to prepare for if you don’t ‘hit it off’

Creative ideas that you can use to specialise or make providing girlfriend experiences a niche selling option

Swipe file wording for adverts that will help you stand out from other girlfriend experience offers

The ‘why’ behind girlfriend experiences – what men really want and how you can give it to them without compromising your sanity or your bank balance!

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How To Do A Girlfriend Experience

This is NOT a ‘training’ course or program. This is the ULTIMATE one-stop-shop from complete novice to absolute Girlfriend Experience PRO taking all the guesswork out and saving you any time researching online – trust me, you’ll struggle to find such a comprehensive guide anywhere online!

I’m literally giving you my exact material to work off so you too can know exactly how to do the best girlfriend experience!

Get this 27 page PDF guide now!!

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How To Offer A Girlfriend Experience

Believe me, I searched far and wide online and I couldn’t find ANYTHING like this Masterclass available for SWs who want to add girlfriend experiences to their offerings.

This is hands down the MOST needed, high-value for low-price point offer I have ever made!


Let Me Tell You What’s Inside The Girlfriend Experience Masterclass…

What is an Online Girlfriend Experience?

Why Do Men Want A Girlfriend Experience? 

Different Types of Girlfriend Experience Can You Offer?

Sexual versus Non-Sexual

What You Need To Know Before You Put Your Offer Together

Girlfriend Experience Packages

Creative Ideas To Set You Apart From The Rest

What To Charge?

Knowing How To Market and Advertise The Girlfriend Experience Offer

Cancellation Policies and Ground rules

Advertising Swipe File (including wording you can use in your adverts!)

If you’re ready, you can download the 27 page PDF Document NOW!

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How To Offer A Girlfriend Experience Online

Due to the automatic download of the Girlfriend Experience guide no refunds are available. If you have any questions related to the training or need help with your offerings, email Dalma at

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