How To Send Nudes Without A Polaroid Camera

Some used panty sellers like to add some additional finishing touches to their packages.

Some include beautiful packaging, handwritten notes sprayed with perfume or kissed with lipstick… 

And some like to include Polaroid pictures of themselves!

But how can you achieve the same WOW factor without a Polaroid camera.

Well, it’s more than possible to have your digital images printed out by online print companies, provided you meet their terms and conditions.

Most will state that they prohibit pornography – quite rightly – however, they will print tastefully taken arty shots of people who may or may not be nude.

So if you want to include pics, then you cannot include images of you vag splayed for all and sundry.

Nor can you print anything sexually explicit like you grabbing your ass or squeezing your tits together or things like that.

BUT you can have printed simple images of you laying naked on a bed or wearing panties topless.

Those things should not violate terms provided they are done tastefully and not likely to offend anyone.

You can test it out and see how you get on.

Alternatively, there are now machines in supermarkets that will allow you to print pictures from your phone using a USB stick. But I would still avoid anything graphic.


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