How To Stay Motivated As A Panty Seller

As I mentioned yesterday, a member of my Sellers Before Fellas group messaged asking about how to stay motivated. 

How do you stay motivated in selling used panties?

You might think this is the same as just asking how does anyone stay motivated in anything?

But the truth is that this industry is not your average industry. Sometimes you are bombarded with offensive, abusive and even illegal/heinous behaviour that makes you question what the fuck you’ve got yourself into.

It’s hard work and it requires a thick skin and sometimes relentless energy.

Short version: it’s hard fucking work that will call on your physical, emotional, mental and quite possibly spiritual reserves!

So here’s what I know about how I stay motivated in this work.

The first is I’ve made a lot of what I do a habit.

Habits create discipline.

When something becomes habitual, just what you do, you don’t need the energy to force yourself to do it. Because your brain takes over and it becomes part of your programming.

You see, brains are designed to be lazy. To conserve as much energy as possible and to find easy shortcuts to what needs to be done.

That’s where habits are our friend.

The good news is that habits are not that difficult to instil after the first ten times. Your brain gets the memo and goes, ok, this is what we do now. Got it!

And the more you do something, the more habitual it becomes and you don’t have to fucking try as hard to do the thing.

So here, the thing is, showing up day after day to reach out and make sales. Once the SUCCESSFUL habits are instilled, it’s much easier.

That’s why I talk about the habits that will make you a more successful seller in the 7 Day Sales Challenge.

The other thing here is GOALS.

Goals can be motivating. It’s called extrinsic motivation. This is when the motivation is something outside of you that you’re wanting to achieve or get. AKA Money.

Intrinsic motivation is when you do something because you want to receive some kind of internal benefit like feeling confident or empowered.

So this is why it’s a good idea to write down what it is you want to achieve. Internally or externally OR BOTH. (Again, covered in 7 Day Sales Challenge).

See? I knew that Psychology Degree would come in handy!

The other thing I want to mention about staying motivated is IDENTITY.

What does that mean?

Well, if you want to have oodles of motivation and not have to try fucking hard and have every fucking day be a slog uphill, then you need to alter your identity. Not talking about stealing passports and shit, but actually having either an alter-ego that you step into or changing who you are when you think about who you identify as.

So, are you a fucking panty selling pro master jedi?

Do you identify as that?

As her?

Do you just know on the inside that you are the kind of woman who gets up and fucking DOES what needs to be done?

Do you slay and hustle with a big fucking smile on your face?

Are you that person?

If not, become her.

It requires nothing more than a motherfucking decision that from now on I am the kind of person who _____________ (fill in the blank). 

DID I MENTION THE 7 DAY SALES CHALLENGE? Because I talk about this shit right there.

Who do you decide to be? What kind of seller do you want to be?

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to be the best seller the planet has ever known. But it’s about carving out the identity of the kind of seller you do aspire to be and making a conscious decision (over and over until it fucking clicks – see habits above) that this is how you are.

it’s just a FUCKING GIVEN.

I just am THAT type of seller. It’s who I am at my core.

And act accordingly.

And here’s the final thing I want to say about motivation.

There will be fucking days where you don’t want to show up (thanks for the menstrual cycle, God).

There will be days where you need all the SELF-CARE. Time to decompress and feel like a human again.

All of this is good. Very good. Very necessary.

There will be days where you don’t want to do jack fucking shit. If you scroll back through all my podcast episodes, you will see that I missed one week. In 31 episodes I missed one week.


Because I didn’t have anything to give. I could not be fucked showing up.

So I didn’t.

I don’t berate myself for that. It is what it is.

But recognise when you need a break and take it. Don’t feel bad about needing time out.

And support.

Did I mention Sellers Before Fellas? It’s my group for panty sellers and it’s about having a community of sellers to talk to and get support from.

We’re all here for each other. And sometimes just having other sellers to talk to can help you when you need it most.

So there’s that.

I hope this post has been helpful. 

How do you find motivation to keep going?

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