How To Take Great Pics In Panties – Part 1

I received a question from a panty seller asking me what is the best way to take pictures of you in your panties front on?

As we all know, panty sellers thrive with good pictures of them in their goods. That’s how sales are made, baby!

But how do you take great pics of you in your panties that will be sexy but also informative, so that the customer can see what panties they want to buy?

Well, I’m going to run a series of blog posts about this and part one for today is about taking pics of your panties front on.

Full frontal!

So what I recommend is always do your research and thanks to Instagram and Google we can get some really good insights as to what makes a great pic and what doesn’t.

There are bijillions of online stores that sell panties so we already know that these sites are going to be doing the best they can to sell you the item. So let’s see what they’re doing…


So, what’s going on?

I did a big ass search on panty pics and I really struggled to find ANY that were taken full frontal straight on.

All these pics have a slight dip or twist or bend. Mostly the models are placing their arms or hands slightly around the panties to help ‘break up’ the image slightly. So hands on hips or one on the leg. Also, a lot of the models have one leg in front of the other to accentuate the shape of the things rather than a ‘mug shot’ pic of your thighs.

So I’d recommend you experiment with the angles and positions above to see how you can make it work.

Or, go for something a bit different like this…

Lying on your side still shows the detail of the front of the panties but can look more attractive than standing up.

Don’t be afraid to try different ‘out there’ positions that can really stand out!

I hope this helps, stay tuned for more panty pic tips!

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