How To Write A Great Profile

When it comes to creating your profile description to sell panties on panty selling platforms, a lot of sellers are really letting themselves down.

First impressions are EVERYTHING. Yes, you should have great pics to spark that initial interest, but there’s nothing better than a well-thought out profile description to go alongside your awesome pics!

Many of us struggle because we’re not very wordy or confident, or because we don’t know how to convey the right persona. Or maybe we’re just stuck for things to say and end up copy and pasting other sellers’ profiles with a tweak here and there. Sidenote: there’s nothing more disheartening putting effort into creating something only to see someone else copy it almost word for word.

In my time selling I’ve seen some great profile descriptions and a lot of really poor ones.

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone!

Fear not, below are some tips to help you through.


It goes without saying that your profile should be well-structured. Make it easy to read and well set out. Each “mini paragraph” should tap into a different aspect of who you are and what you offer.

A great profile might open with a funny hook, a bit about where you’re from, then go on to talk about your interests, your passion and possibly your background/career. But make sure each paragraph is revealing something interesting about you and flows well.

A lot of readers simply skim, it helps if your profile is easily skimmable (is that a word?) but also interesting to read in its entirety.

Give them something to go on!

The harder it is for someone to start a conversation with you, the more likely they will move onto the next seller, even if they were otherwise interested. This is where it pays to add some interesting bait to make it simple for them to send you a message.

As an example, for our industry, you might veer towards fetishes. Something along the lines of…

I’ve dabbled in the world of BDSM for almost a year or so now. I’m still working out whether I’m more of a sub or a domme, what about you?

It invites the person reading to message you because you’ve outright asked them to tell you their preference. They can also make a connection with you because you’re (hopefully) interested in similar things and it also makes selling to them easier because you already know what floats their boat.

Just one sentence and we’re off to a good start. Making it easy for customers to connect with you is vital and where better to do that than your profile description?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be about fetishes. Talk about anything that interests you and find a way to make it easy for them to contact you to start the connection.

Avoid the Negative

I see on a lot of sellers profiles – and I understand why, not knocking you – a big fat paragraph about not accepting time wasters or scammers.

Well, duh. I mean, what seller does? 🙂

But seriously, anything negative is going to give a terrible first impression. If you are adamant you want a paragraph about this then put it right at the bottom. Don’t let the first thing your potential buyers read be all about scammers and time wasters. It’s a major turn off.

Negativity attracts negativity. For real.

Inject Your Personality.

I’ve spoken to hilarious sellers who are just too scared to let any of their excellent humor shine through their on their profile lest it scare men away.

And sure, nobody is here for a stand-up comedy set, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little of your humor to your profile.

Humor is an international connector. It bridges gaps and it removes tension.

Don’t be afraid to have fun!

Don’t just say you’re funny, interesting, intelligent, or confident. Show it.

Whatever your personality, tell customers what you’re like as a person. Be relatable. You know, be human!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Buyers who read your profile want to experience that fun and excitement with you. The more interests, passions, and personality traits you reveal, the more people will be drawn to your profile. If underwater basket weaving is your thing, own it! If you play the Ukulele, own it.

Don’t feel you have to make something up. If you’re a bit of a plain Jane, that’s cool too. But the bottom line is, it’s ok to veer away from the norm when it comes to what 99% of sellers think they ought to write.

Proof Read

It goes without saying but take time to read over your profile before you hit publish. Some people are sticklers for a spelling mistake or huge error and it can be a turn off.

How do you want to come across? Is that present in your profile?

Try not to come across as needy or desperate. Simply putting on a profile that you’re “here for the cash” can be a off-putting for customers who’re hoping to make a connection rather than feel like an ATM.

It doesn’t hurt to get another opinion too. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to give it a once over.

This doesn’t have to be daunting. And you don’t have to get it right first time. You can tweak your profile as you go and have fun with it.

See what gets attention. What are buyers messaging you about? Can you include more of that in your description?

Ultimately, it pays to invest a bit of time into creating a profile description that you can be proud of.

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  1. I love all the tips that you have given to help get started and I appreciate that you have taken the time to educate people on these things, especially given their nature is new and not something common to just know how to do or be successful.


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