I currently sell on PantyDeal and Scented Pansy

How long have you been selling used panties for?

I have been selling panties for about a month and a half.

How did you find out about it?

I was listening to a podcast when they were talking about panty selling after googling panty selling I found my first platform.

Where do you sell?

I currently sell on Panty Deal and Scented Pansy

How many hours per day do you spend selling?

I try to put in at least minimum of 4 hours a day when I have down time. I do take Sundays off though for myself.

Why did you decide to sell panties online?

I am a nurse so I live to help others; the idea of panty selling is my way of helping others in a different way while at the same time satisfying my own needs. How could I pass it up?

Do you sell additional items or just panties?

Yes I do. I sell pics, videos, and fetish related items

What do you enjoy about panty selling?

The people. I have met so many amazing sellers and buyers and for that I am grateful.

What is challenging or difficult about panty selling?

Trying to get that first sale. It’s really hard when you have no reviews and need that first sale to really kick start everything.

What’s your advice to someone just starting out?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other sellers for help or advice. When I first started I did not do that because I thought it was a dog eat dog world. It isn’t! We are all here to support and help one another.

What, in your opinion, does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Just be yourself, Don’t pretend to be what you think buyers want, they can see right through that and it’s a turn-off. Also, take the time to message buyers who are online or have looked at your profile, you never know what might be a sale. You will get out what you put into this, be patient!

It takes time to build a good reputation and the more you offer the more buyers you become available to. Never forget who you are though, If something does not feel right or you are doubting yourself you can say no to a sale.

How much (on average) do you/have you made per week/month?

In the month and a half I have been doing this I’ve made around $400 which isn’t bad considering I did not correctly put myself out there when I first started, I had to completely rethink my strategy after my 2nd or 3rd week. Remember sellers, patience is key.

Do your friends/family know about what you do?

My husband knows and so do 2 of my friends. I’m a pretty private person to begin with so I don’t feel the need to share it much with others.

How long do you think you will do this for?

Oh gosh, I’m not really sure. Probably a while since this for me is a hobby and I really love it.

JN Lizzy

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