I Don’t Play By The Rules

When it comes to my business, I don’t play by the rules.

Not because I’m ‘trying’ to be different or out there or renegade.

Just because playing by the rules isn’t my style.

I don’t do the things you’re ‘supposed’ to do to grow your business.

I mean, I do show up, be consistent, put in the work and all that jazz. That’s a given.

It’s just… the best decisions I’ve made around my business have always just ‘come’ to me in the moment and I’ve followed the guidance or the flow.

Whenever I’ve gone against that, it’s usually ended up in a waste of time or money or energy.

That’s been my experience.

There are things they say you ‘should’ do if you want to build your audience or your income.

For me, I pay attention to that in as much as I see what it’s all about BUT I also check in to see whether or not that would vibe with what my gut tells me.

Creativity flows through me and I am an ideas machine simply because I don’t pay too much attention to what others are doing and the way they’re doing it.

I know that when I follow the creativity that wells up inside me that I derive more pleasure (and more income) from my business.

When I take my eye off the ball or find I’m focused on other sellers and other platforms and other ways to promote myself, I get bogged down and my energy drops.

You know when you’re swimming upstream and when you’re just going with the flow.

Going with the flow is the way I choose to run my business.

What about you?

Are you doing things because you think you ‘should’ or because someone told you that’s what it takes to be successful?

Are you doing things because someone else is doing them and you’re jealous?

Are you consistently checking in with what feels right for you before you change tack or direction?

It’s time to start trusting what’s within you. To stay true to your own vision for your own business and to hell with what everyone else is doing.

Just do you.


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