I Sell My Underwear – Panty Seller Interview With Nisha

How long have you been selling used panties for?

On and off for 6 years

How did you find out about it?

My partner told me about it.

Where do you sell?

Instagram. I used to use Craigslist and other online advert places but most have shut down now.

How many hours per day do you spend selling?

Actively responding to potential customers probably about an hour a day.

Why did you decide to sell panties online?

For fun. It sounded naughty and I didn’t think anyone would actually buy.

Do you sell additional items or just panties?

I sell more than panties.

What do you enjoy about panty selling?

Not knowing who it is that is buying from me.

What is challenging or difficult about panty selling?

Time wasters wanting free things then ghosting you. And the fact all the free advert places have disappeared or are removing personal adverts. The use of verified websites with subscriptions are not helpful either as the cost outweighs the sales for someone doing it casually for fun as opposed to girls who do it as a full-time job.

What’s your advice to someone just starting out?

Don’t sell yourself cheap. Don’t give stuff away like pics as genuine buyers don’t need a lot of interaction to buy!

What, in your opinion, does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Knowing your limits of what you will and won’t do.

How much (on average) do you/have you made per week/month?

At the moment around $50 a month. When I was more active around $150 per month.

Do your friends/family know about what you do?

Only my partner

How long do you think you will do this for?

There is no reason to retire so long as they keep selling.

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