I Sell My Used Underwear – Interview with a Panty Seller

How long have you been selling panties? 


I started selling used panties in July 2019. 


How did you find out about it? 


I found about it via a money saving newsletter. An article about making extra pennies from home. 


Where do you sell? 


I started out on KB Bunnies, Twitter and KIK. Now I use Scented Pansy and Pantydeal as selling platforms and I have a Twitter, KIK and Reddit account. Although I personally don’t feel reddit so I think will close it. 


How long do you spend selling? 


To be honest perhaps an hour a day, not even that. I work full time so I do a little on KIK in the evening. I try and tweet every morning and update SP and PD before I go to work. 


Why did you decide to sell panties? 


I decided to do this because it was something new, I have tried almost every making money from home scheme out there. I also needed the confidence boost after an awful ex-husband. So I have done it mainly for that boost and it has helped so much. 


Do you sell panties or other stuff too? 


I started out just wanting to sell panties. However my first sales were custom photos and videos. Which also helped with my confidence.  Those two customers are regulars now so I don’t mind selling those to them, but I don’t really advertise those services. 


What do you like about selling panties? 


I enjoy all of it. I love the girls I’m in a KIK group with, they are so lovely and we help each other with advice and generally share a bit of banter about our ‘normal’ lives. The gents I sell to are lovely. Some of which we text outside of business. I also find the scammers comical too. 


What’s the biggest challenge? 


I would say the biggest challenge is keeping it going. I mean, I didn’t sell my first pair of panties until the end of October! But I kept going and it finally paid off. There are so many ladies selling, you need to keep at it. Many come and go. 


What advice would you give to a new seller? 


My advice to someone just starting out is, keep on keeping on, with an open mind. 


Consistency is what makes a good seller, as it is with most aspects. Be seen, be heard and eventually, they will see you and think yes, I’ll buy from her today. 


How much do you make on average? 


If I’m active I make at least £10 a day. If I’m not so active perhaps £20 – £30 a week. 


Have you told friends and family? 


All of my friends know yes, most (males) are very supportive in giving advice for ads etc. My lady friends find it amusing but I think its because they daren’t do it themselves. My family have no idea. 


How long do you think you’ll sell for? 


I’ll do it for the foreseeable future unless I meet a man I like enough who requests me to stop 


Memory Lane 

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