I’m Upping My Prices – Flick The Switch

When it comes to your business, pricing is very, very important. We’ve gone all around the houses on many occasions here on the blog and on the podcast about pricing. But sometimes (like me) you  realise that your own money mindset has been fucking with your ideas about how much you should be charging for things. 

It’s an ongoing revelation!

I talked about this in today’s podcast. I have my own B.S. that I project on to buyers about how much they can afford or how much they’d be prepared to pay for certain items.

It’s all nonsense of course.

I’ve been reading this book over the last few days and it’s made me realise that I’ve been undercharging in a few areas. In the book he talks about how sales people can make assumptions about a customer’s ability or willingness to buy based on their own misconceptions and preconceived ideas. 

It’s encouraged me to question some of my motives around prices for products I’ve created.

First off, my 7 Day Sales Challenge.

I’ve been charging just $7.77 for the challenge and I realise this has been because I’ve been telling myself that sellers can’t afford to pay more or wouldn’t.

And that’s utter bullshit.

Because I came in to this work when I had a financial need (hear more about my story in my book) I have been unconsciously projecting that on to other sellers. I’ve only just made the connection that I’ve been doing that. 

Where are you projecting your own money blocks on to your customers?

Are you undercharging?

Have you been frightened or hesitant to give the price you’d like to receive for fear of losing the sale?

We all think that price is the delineating factor when it comes to whether someone buys from us.

And of course, that definitely plays a part.

We need to focus on conveying the value and that’s not just at the point of sale but in every single way we market and sell to people.

All our communications with our prospective buyers convey a value – the value of working with us.

If we are walking around with this bullshit about what we think our work is worth or what people would happily pay for it then we are projecting that onto other people and ultimately sabotaging our income.

Here’s another gem from the book:

“You have a duty to yourself, your family…and your customers, and that responsibility is to attain the absolute highest and greatest profits possible, so you can stay in business successfully to honour every commitment to every one of them.

To settle for anything less than the most is absolute dereliction of the responsibility of business ownership and leadership. To settle for anything less is to leave your business vulnerable and possibly fragile. And you should be fired.”

Isn’t that powerful? 

Should you be fired?

Because based on some of my bullshit I absolutely should be!

You can hear more about this on today’s podcast.

But for now, the 7 Day Sales Challenge is staying at the $7.77 mark for the next five days. After that, I’m raising it to $25 – in line with the other products I have created. Grab yours now here.

On top of that, I’ll be upping my panty price to $40. I’ve just upped my Onlyfans page to $20 per month.

Dalma’s Inner Circle annual membership will also be going up from $25 to $50 from end of April. You can learn more about that here

Upping your prices is just an inner switch that needs to be flipped and can only be done by you. I can’t convince you of your worth and what feels right for you. Usually when we are surrounded by other sellers who have significantly upped their game, we’re encouraged internally to do the same. But you know when it makes sense for you.

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