Inner Circle & Dalma’s SWIPE file

Do you want insider info from the world’s most famous panty seller? (That’s me, by the way.) 

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I share AS MUCH information about selling used panties online as I can.

It’s no secret however that I’ve shared my most powerful information with the select few who’ve purchased the Panty Seller Pro training and those who signed up for my private podcast, Dalma’s Inner Circle.

Well, now I’ve combined the best of both of those in this package so that you can access the hottest tips in panty selling (and sales in general) to enhance your business offerings.


‘Inner Circle & Dalma’s SWIPE file’

You’ll instantly access my top secret, insider-only, sales and marketing insights and strategies.

In this bundle you’ll get access to the entire backlog of Dalma’s Inner Circle podcasts (24 as of April 2021), which include the personal strategies I used in my business and how you can implement them to stand out.

It’s a behind the curtain expose of what was working (or not) in my business and the tips and techniques I shared so that you can get to the root of the core fundamental sales practices that work! 

If you want to stand out head and shoulder above the rest, I’ll teach you how to do just that!

Access the mindset switch required to take your business to the next level.

The SWIPE file is a jam-packed PDF with all my copywriting, strategy and sales experiments to stand out from other sellers.

This is information I haven’t shared on the Panty Selling Podcast or anywhere else outside my private Pantypreneur Discord group. 

I know that implementing just one or two of the ideas in my SWIPE file will help you to start generating more income but more importantly, to start thinking outside the box about your business.

This Inner Circle & SWIPE file bundle is for the 1%ers – it’s not for mediocre sellers who just want some pocket money on the side!

If you’re ready to run this as a business and learn what that looks like, then you won’t be disappointed in the information I share in this, my most intimate of trainings!

So if you’re ready to level up and access the Inner Circle podcast (more recordings will be coming usually on a monthly-6 weekly basis) and the SWIPE file, then follow the link in the image below to access the payhip store: