Integrity as a Used Panty Seller

Greetings Pantypreneurs!

Today I would like to share something with you which relates to topics which Dalma mentions often regarding this business: Integrity and Fantasy.
One of the women I used to buy video clips from recently Tweeted her frustration with customers who inquired about a custom video.
When she tells them that making a custom video is not possible at the moment, but a pre-made with the same scenario is available, they
say never mind and move on. She is tempted to sell them the pre-made as a custom, but just couldn’t bring herself to lie.
I told her that I admired her integrity. What disturbed me is that 3 of her peers responded that she should sell the pre-mades as customs,
because the customer will never know the difference. I then wondered if they charge the higher custom rate for the pre-made, which is even worse.
I was a little amused that they admitted this in public. I suppose you could say they were being honest about their dishonesty.
One of her other customers responded by mentioning the element of fantasy during these transactions. He mentioned the feeling of a “special relationship” with the seller during the time of the purchase. In general, buyers enjoy the conversation and the attention during the purchase from start to finish. At the minimum, I hope that the seller will at least seem to enjoy the sale process. I don’t consider a little “embellishment” during these conversations as an intent to deceive but to add to the fun of the process. In the past I have purchased clips and panties with no discussion with the seller and it is not much fun.
The reason I stopped buying panties from these women about a year ago is because of lack of integrity. The average time they took to fill an order was 3 weeks.
I believe the reason they told me I would get them in a week was just to make the sale. I had to pester them to get a status, only to be told “Oh, I haven’t worn them yet, I will start tomorrow”. I think that only one of them ever asked me why I stopped buying. Good communication and customer service is critical in this business.
Sellers on panty sites are much more attentive and friendlier. I appreciate the updates and little conversations during the wear. I believe they really hope that I enjoy them and take pride in their creation. These sellers always ask for feedback. Myself and the other buyers that I chat with all enjoy these little things.
Good luck to you all.
**This was a guest post by Sniffwell**
Dalma says:
I absolutely agree with the 100% integrity aspect of selling. If there was a long delay on my panty selling orders I was always upfront about that and any further unexpected delay would be communicated and I’d sweeten the disappointment with a freebie. I absolutely would NEVER recommend selling a premade as a custom. These things have a funny way of biting you on the ass and selling from a place of inauthenticity will affect your income and your psyche!

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