International Up Your Prices Day

It’s official! I’ve created A DAY.


Because everything else and its dog has a day so why not that??

Makes sense, right?

13th October 2020 is International Up Your Prices Day.

Why should we up our prices?

Well, I guess because a lot of people are pricing very low for what must surely be exceptional quality product. I mean, if it’s not then of course you should continue to charge bottom dollar… 😉

But really, you know your products and services are worth MORE.


So why not celebrate the fact and for just one day up your prices.

And should you decide to keep them at that level then ALL THE BETTER!

Let’s face it, upping your prices is a quick and easy way to make more money, duh?

If you charge $15 for a pair of panties (and what could possibly possess you to do such a thing?!) and I charge $30, well, err, I make double what you do with just as much (if not LESS) effort!

That’s MATH.

When you are filled with joy at the amount you’ve been paid to deliver a product or service, you are MORE LIKELY to do a good job. That means that everyone wins because your buyer is only going to benefit from your enthusiasm.

That’s just common sense.

Your prices need to find a lovely balance between not underselling (and running the risk of going out of business) and making sure you feel adequately compensated for your work. They also need to be within a competitive price point that keeps buyers coming back for more.

It’s up to you how you price in your business but this International Up Your Prices Day is for each and every one of us to take another step towards charging our worth.

Feel free to download the images to share on your social media and with other SWs so that we can collaboratively come together to convey just how worthy we are.

International Up Your Prices Day

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