Interview with a Male Panty Seller

How did you get in to selling underwear online?
It’s actually a fetish of mine although I’ve never been a buyer.  It was the dominance and submission of a sexual partner doing their all to please me that got me here.
How long have you been selling?
I’ve been selling for about 18 months now, although I had to take a short break.
What sites do you sell on – or other places you sell?
I’m currently selling on censored  I am looking at opening many other accounts but I like to be thorough in my research beforehand. 
What other items (if any) do you sell?
I produce content on the subscription site AdmireMeVIP.  I sell male underwear, socks, footwear, freshly bottled Alpha Champagne, used condoms and much more. I’m super open-minded.
Who is your target market?
Mainly submissive men and sissys. 
Do any of your friends/family know about what you do?
Not currently no, I’m a very private person.
What do you think it takes to be a good seller?
Excellent customer service, strong will and determination. Us males must be extremely patient even more so than the panty selling women!
What advice would you give to another guy wanting to get started selling his underwear online?
Take your time! Build a profile and remember, this game doesn’t happen overnight! Try to bring something different to the table and don’t be afraid to reach out. One thing male sellers need is more togetherness and more exposure!
What do you enjoy about this work? Any challenges?
The way it pushes boundaries and the determination it gives me to succeed. Time wasters is the biggest challenge and refusing to let them burst your bubble.
Anything else you’d like to share? 
I have a superb opportunity for genuine male sellers who can adhere to rules over at the [Twitter] Coven of Sin @CovenSin . DM @TheHuff7 on Twitter to find out more about that.
Master Huff
*All images used with interviews are not the sex workers being interviewed*

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