Interview with All Things Worn

How did the site come about?

I used to sell heaps of well-worn shoes and pantyhose/tights on eBay, which was very successful until eBay banned me. They gave me a few warnings which I ignored until they eventually shut down my account forever… Eek!

I went on the hunt for a new site to sell on, but they either focused on panty selling or weren’t very efficient or user-friendly. I then spoke to a close friend about my business as he was a software developer and cheekily asked if he could help me build me an alternative platform to sell on without the fear of being banned.

After further discussion, he convinced me that rather than only selling my items we should open it up to other sellers facing the same issues and spoke to a few other developers he knew who could help with the creation of the site.

We wanted to integrate all aspects of used items, including well-worn shoes, used panties, clothing, accessories and more. Hence the name, All Things Worn.

How do you think panty buying online has changed over the last few years?

Although panty selling isn’t my initial focus, I have friends who have seen sales increase substantially in recent years. The used panty industry has grown in popularity thanks to a more liberal stance of people around the world and this was supplemented by a feature on Orange Is The New Black. Panty selling is as popular as ever.

We’ve also seen lots of other fetishes becoming more popular like nylons, pantyhose and shoes which has helped me personally. There have also been many other references to fetishes, including a member of Love Island discussing having a foot fetish. We were so pleased to see this open up more discussions around fetishes.

What advice do you have for new sellers, trying to get established?

We encourage new sellers to try and market themselves and their listings. Learn from sellers already on the platform and how they market themselves. Be open-minded but decide on boundaries and what you’re willing to sell. If you receive a request that you’re not comfortable with, politely decline.

Put as much info into your bio as possible. Some buyers have very specific interests and fetishes. The more info you put into your bio, the more you can appeal. Also, make sure you upload a profile picture, it doesn’t have to show your face but you will get more attention, I can’t believe how many people don’t do this. Doh…

When a new buyer signs up, follow them, send them a direct message, welcome them to the community. Build a rapport with buyers as this seems to help with success on our platform.

Try and engage with sellers too, if you’re on social media, like, comment, repost/retweet their content. They might do the same for you.

What advice do you have for new buyers?

Be respectful. We want to build a community of well-worn item lovers, if you don’t like something or think that something is priced too high, just move on. Don’t waste anyone’s time.

If you have a specific fetish and are looking for a particular item, post on the activity feed. Sellers will then be able to contact you if they have anything you might like. Complete your bio and tell users a bit about you. Engage with the community. This will help sellers approach you.

What are you doing to help alleviate concerns about scamming?

This is an important priority for us. We are currently integrating member verification and once verified, members will feel comfortable in the knowledge they are communicating with genuine people.

We also have a review system so that buyers and sellers can find out a little bit about their previous experiences before they decide to go ahead with a transaction.

We advise sellers not to send items until they have received payment to avoid any potential scams.

Privacy is a big concern for both buyers and sellers. We advise members to keep themselves safe by setting up a separate email address to help with anonymity and to consider possibly setting up a PO Box address.

How are you different compared to other panty selling sites?

I think the key thing is we offer more than just selling panties. We give sellers a platform to sell all of their used items including shoes, socks, pantyhose, panties, accessories and more.

Most platforms focus on female sellers, we are appealing to anyone who wants to sell from anywhere in the world.

We also pride ourselves in being more than just a marketplace, we are building a community of well-worn item lovers where everyone can feel safe. We have created a social feed area for members to hang out and developed lots of ways to find and interact with users.

We have also sourced some extremely talented developers, using cutting edge technology to create a highly functional site, giving our users the best possible experience we can.

The most important thing is that we listen to our community and do our best to implement features requested by members. For us, it is so important to have happy members and build a loyal community.

How much is it to join your site for sellers/buyers?

All Things Worn is currently free for both buyers and sellers to sign up.

We have a standard package for sellers which is free. This allows sellers to update their profile, list one item for free, and preview the site with zero commitment. To benefit from the full features sellers will need to upgrade to our Premium Seller package.

The Premium Seller package is a payment of $12 per month. This allows you to; contact buyers directly, send unlimited messages, add unlimited items, browse all buyers, post status updates and images to the activity feed. We have many other features in the pipeline.

What is the future of buying and selling panties online?

The industry is constantly growing. We’re hoping the growth will help normalise the fetish industry and encourage more people to feel open about exploring their fetishes. Buying panties & well-worn items online will soon be as easy as buying on eBay but without having to look over your shoulder.

What does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Be consistent and post content regularly, engage with users on the site but also on social media. Drive traffic to your shop. Be personable and approachable. Reply promptly, be proactive, engage with buyers. Be honest and descriptive in your listings and take the time to create great images.

We would advise sellers to check out the Queen of panty selling herself – Dalma’s Panty Selling School. There are a huge amount of resources on there and her podcasts have not only helped me as a seller but also the team as a platform.

What new plans do you have on the horizon/just launched?

We have just launched our Premium Seller package as we mentioned earlier.

We are also working on the following features:

  • New activity feed showing three different types of activity; all members, who you are following and yours.
  • See who has visited your profile and check who is online.
  • Ability to comment on activity on the news feed.
  • Verification process.
  • Better search & sort filtering facility
  • Affiliate programs to incentivise people to help us grow.
  • Expanding listings to add multiple images, items details (size, colour, age etc).
  • Increased marketing activity to help the platform grow.

This is the tip of the iceberg and we are constantly improving, listening to feedback and suggestions from users and building new features every week.

We are always creating and evolving. We take pride in providing an excellent service to our members and giving them the best experience possible. Our team of developers are also in discussion about the possibility of developing an All Things Worn mobile app, which we are so excited about!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Watch this space for more exciting developments and features. We are just getting started!

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