Interview with Erotic Dreams Selling Platform

Today we are interviewing new panty selling platform Erotic Dreams UK.

How did the site come about? – The story behind the site/owners (and the name!)

Myself & my family all work in IT. The website came about after family used other fetish platforms to try and sell their used panties/socks & they noticed that the functionality wasn’t very good, they then came to me to see if we could build our own. I built Erotic Dreams in 2018 with the input of my family, it is a working progress. My wife is a Madonna fan & wanted the name Erotica or Erotic in the domain name, so that’s how the name Erotic Dreams came about. She also came up with #DreamTeam for Twitter.

How do you think panty buying online has changed over the last few years?

Well I can’t comment on this as I don’t sell my boxers 🤣 but my wife stopped selling last year after a long while. She mainly stopped due to the sheer amount of sellers starting to do this & the cheap prices other sellers charge put her off, she felt she could no longer compete.

What advice do you have for new sellers, trying to get established?

Be yourself & know your worth! I personally would say if you work hard enough in life it will pay off eventually and buy a decent selfie stick!

What advice do you have for new buyers?

Try a few platforms and sellers to see what you like and what works for you. Go for a verified seller and look closely at seller reviews before making a purchase, you don’t want to get ripped off !

What are you doing to help alleviate concerns about scamming?

Sellers have the option to verify, eventually we will be having all sellers verified. The buyers area they’ll have to confirm there age. And finally you can review sellers and we will have the option eventually to review buyers too.

How are you different compared to other panty selling sites?

We are just being ourselves. The website is so easy to use compared to others. We don’t look at other fetish selling sites to compare, we just do our own thing. Luckily we have lots of experience in fetish selling.

What is the future of buying and selling panties online?

I honestly don’t know it could grow even bigger or come to a stand still or stop completely ?! We will have to wait & see what awaits us.

Any interesting anecdotes about panty selling you’d like to share?

🤣 Ohh yes! I often get mistaken as a women & a seller! So I get more than my fair share of dick pics sent to me. There’s a surprise almost every day waiting for me in my email!

What does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Take lots of photos each month, even in quiet spells just to keep her content updated. Change your adverts, prices & offers every so often to attract more new buyers.

What new plans do you have on the horizon/just launched?

We are always working on the website function & Google Rankings. We are planning to have a buyers log in area, a sale page, a sellers tips page & more. However we don’t want to add too many complex functions because then that will make the site less user friendly on a mobile device, it will slow the site down & if too many functions are added – the more likely things could go wrong & need to be fixed. And don’t forget we also want to keep costs down for sellers.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just thank you for taking the time to get to know us & for reading this!

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