Interview with Naughty Connection

Today’s interview is with new platform Naughty Connection


How did the site come about?

My business partner and I, also my best friend, have been sellers for over 10 years. I first started when I was looking on eBay for a good deal on some new bras and saw a used bra listed that had super high bids. I was confused by this so clicked on the listing out of curiosity and realized she was selling it as a fetish item. I honestly had no idea about this fetish but it definitely sparked my curiosity, the more I searched the more I learned until I hopped on board myself. I then told my friend and she couldn’t pass up the opportunity either for some fun and easy cash either!

As time went on my personal life got in the way, so was thinking of a way I could continue being in the industry without actively participating in it. That’s when we decided to start planning the site eventually launched!

How do you think panty buying online has changed over the last few years?

Over the years I noticed more and more people learned of it and wanted to be involved. When I started years ago there were a few small sites to sell on and not much competition, now it is very active, but in a good way. Their are now more options for buyers and many new platforms and opportunities for sellers as well.


What advice do you have for new sellers, trying to get established?

Don’t give up! It takes a lot to build yourself. There are so many different types of girls selling now it does take some time and effort to really get the ball rolling. If you are looking to just make a couple extra dollars for a coffee, then listing a couple items and waiting for a buyer will get you that.

If you are looking to make a good steady income list items with lots of pictures, a good description and story about the item and then start pulling in buyers from your social media! Of course not your personal one but create a whole stage name, personality, story, etc for yourself and really go with it, get everyone fantasizing, even yourself! You’d be surprised how fun it can be to have an alter ego of your naughty self.


What advice do you have for new buyers?

It can be difficult I’m sure for some to admit they have a panty or sock fetish, but believe me when I tell you there is nothing to be ashamed of and you are definitely not alone! This has been a fetish for centuries, now with social media and the internet it is finally being talked about. I still highly doubt many are comfortable sharing the details with there best buds over a beer but there are so many groups online to discuss and ways to find other participants.

What I would tell someone who is new to buying would definitely be just reach out to some sellers, find one you like and connect with on a personal level. Be honest with what you want and like…trust me no matter what it is I’m sure they have heard worse and no one really judges in this industry and if they do then they are in the wrong industry for sure. If it is something that they aren’t ok with they will simply say no thank you and you know you can move on to someone new who may be.

There are a lot of scammers these days so I would suggest going with a site that guarantees you receive your item. Also alway check reviews for sellers, of course if a seller is just starting out she might not have reviews yet but that doesn’t mean not to buy from them, just try to chat a bit and see if you get a good vibe.


What are you doing to help alleviate concerns about scamming?

We verify all of our sellers to assure they are of legal age, by doing this we are assuring they are also a real person. Of course scammers are also “real people” But most sites just have buyers and sellers handle transactions privately but our sellers do not get paid until they deliver. If we do come across a girl for whatever reason doesn’t deliver what they promised, we refund the buyer and the seller doesn’t get paid.


How are you different compared to other panty selling sites?

We are really trying to change the panty selling world for the best. Even though there are ways to get paid somewhat “privately” if selling on your own, a lot of ways also come with risks. PayPal doesn’t allow adult transactions plus you need to use your real name. I used to use PayPal for a bit when starting and once a guy put in the comment of his payment “can’t wait to sniff your panties.” Well, apparently that triggered PayPal and they froze my account and also held the hundreds of dollars I had in there for 6 months!

Here, we take the payments directly through the site then pay out sellers twice a month directly. This way they don’t need to share personal information like PayPal, cashapps, etc which can be extremely dangerous. We also provide each seller with a prepaid shipping label for each purchase. This label also includes our business address as a return address for that extra layer of privacy and protection.


What is the future of buying and selling panties online?

I believe this is just the beginning, I think as it becomes even less “taboo” the more active the community will be. We are really striving to be a one stop shop for both buyers and sellers?


Any interesting anecdotes about panty selling you’d like to share?

I’ve had my fair share of interesting stories over the years. However, I must say that overall it has been an amazing experience. You’d be shocked to know how nice and respectful most buyers are. I could even say I made a couple friends along the way. I have some buyers that reach out to me just to say hello and ask about my week. It’s nice to know that in this crazy world we live in, there are still good people in the least expected places.


What does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Dedication and drive. Just like with anything you do you need to put in effort. You can’t just start a business, no matter what type or industry it is and just hope it takes off by sitting there wishing and dreaming.

Really put yourself out there, talk to buyers, advertise yourself, you may run into dead-ends but trust me you will also gain some regulars as well.


What new plans do you have on the horizon/just launched?

We have so many creative ideas to add to the site! We started of basic just offering a platform to list used clothing. We however already started expanding adding a photo and video option so sellers can list there digital content and as a buyer purchases they automatically become available to them. This means you can make money while you sleep!

It hasn’t been smooth sailing, the site definitely needed a lot of dedication to get it where it is but we don’t plan on stopping there and I’m sure we will also have more bumps along the way. I Don’t want to give alway our ideas but we can say that no other site offers these!

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