Interview with Panty Selling Site Kinkie

Today we’re talking to the Panty Selling website Kinkie, asking them some probing questions about their platform.

How did the site come about? – The story behind the site/owners…

After losing weight and having a breast enlargement I had surplus luxury underwear that seemed too good just to bin, (charity shops don’t take underwear in), so I got online to see what options there was out there for me. After trying my luck on a few [panty selling] sites I found many flaws on different sites, that’s when I decided I would create my own.

I wanted to be different to other sites and have a unique feel and I believe we have achieved this even with our name Kinkie! Kinkie has grown from and developed in the last 6 years and we are still not out of ideas on where we can take this!

How do you think panty buying online has changed over the last few years?

It sounds obvious to say but the process of buying things online, in general, has changed dramatically in the past few years. What I like about this industry though is that there are no corporations making a vast amount of money from the sellers. I think because the products are so personal and individual, the personality of the sellers has created a landscape that has to allow creativity and acceptance. Social media has also played a part in buyers having an ongoing relationship with sellers too. Now more than ever people are finding unique ways to make money in unique ways.

What advice do you have for new sellers, trying to get established?

Just be yourself. There are a lot of sellers who will probably be selling similar items but the whole point is that people are here for you. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself, your day, where you have been, the mood you’re in. Your buyers are investing in you. Consistency is also very important. If you’re trying to establish yourself as a reliable seller it helps to have a fresh and updated account.

What advice do you have for new buyers?

Treat the sellers with the respect that they deserve. If you think that an item does not warrant the prices it is listed for, move on. Other than that I would say that your sexuality and fetishes are just as much as any other defining feature that makes you, you. Explore and experiment with as much as you can, whilst you can.

What are you doing to help alleviate concerns about scamming?

Scamming is a concern to any potential buyer, after all buyers are handing over their hard earned money to treat themselves to the wonderful delights that can found on our site, that’s why we have a zero tolerance for sellers abusing the system. We reached out to sellers and buyers alike and asked what they would like to see, so we now have a review system in place for sellers, making it harder the sellers to abuse the system.

How are you different compared to other panty selling sites?

I think that the way our payment structure is based separates us from a lot of other sites out there. For VIP memberships, prices are £2.80 a month (£25 a year), which by industry standard is pretty low. On the personal side, we are not a business that started with a goal of making vast amounts of money, just an idea to try and do something better than other people are. I would say that one thing that really separates us is our willingness to listen, adapt and change. If a seller reaches out to us with advice on how to improve the site we try to listen as much as we can.

What is the future of buying and selling panties online?

I think we are living in it! The industry has changed so much in the past decade I would be a fool to predict what the next 10 will bring. I think one thing that we will see is more social acceptance and a larger number of people selling on sites like ours.

Any interesting anecdotes about panty selling you’d like to share?

I think the most amusing thing that happened to me personally is when I sold my first ever pair of panties and I was posting them off at the post office and the cashier asked what I was sending, as I’m a long way off being prude I told her “I’ve got some lacey knickers in there that I’ve sold to some man.”

I didn’t see there was a (mature) lady behind me who said “good for you I don’t think anyone would want my crusty flap holders” I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard! But little did she know there is a market for all ages and styles of underwear!

What does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Consistency is key. You have to understand that you will draw blanks sometimes too. Buyers are individuals who are looking for a product that suits them so trying to appeal to the masses will never work. Find your niche and run with it.

What new plans do you have on the horizon/just launched?

It was important for us to firstly build a platform that is easy to use and functional. There are many great communities based selling websites out there that don’t quite have the functionality to really allow them to help their sellers.

Now we have done that it we are looking for as much contribution from sellers as we can get. Blogs, podcasts, seller contribution posts…they’re all in the pipeline but it’s about doing it right.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Don’t be scared of selling and don’t be scared of knock-backs of failed sales, there will always be someone who wants what you offer. Remember to have FUN!

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