Interview with Panty Selling Trainer Queen Ava

I love it when an absolute legend panty seller and content creator brings her wealth of knowledge, information and experience to new sellers in the industry.

It’s my pleasure to interview Queen Ava. I remember being blown away by her presence when I first joined Pantydeal back in 2018. She’s amazing and I know she’s got loads of great info to share.

I’ll let her speak for herself…


Please introduce yourself…

My name is Queen Ava. I am 28 and live in the United States. I am a fulltime entrepreneur. I am an author, seller of used clothing, graphic designer, teacher and so much more.


How long have you been selling?

I have been in the industry on and off for over a decade.


What do you sell?

I sell all types of used clothing, XXX videos and photos, phone consultations, online companionship, dominatrix services, sexting and graphics for models.


What do you love about this industry?

I love the lifestyle being in the industry provides me. I put myself through college, bought my first car and house by being a boss. I am not even thirty years old yet. Working with my clients makes me feel sexy and powerful. I have worked in a couple different lines of work, and none of them make me feel as good as sitting at home, partying and getting paid for it. I love being an online sex worker!


What are the biggest challenges in your opinion?

The biggest challenge of being in this industry is just being an entrepreneur, in general. I have run a few small businesses and they all seem to pose similar challenges. Staying motivated and dealing with potential customers who say they will buy but do not can be frustrating. Running my own small business, I really never know what the day will entail. Almost everyday, I put in work. Some days I make nothing and other days I make $800. Days where I do not make much can be demotivating for me.


What made you decide to get into teaching sellers?

I decided to start teaching sellers to empower other women. I have been in this industry over ten years and am on a lot of different platforms. Prior to launching my class, women approached me often with questions or needing advice. I helped as I was able but am now elated to have a well organized class to point them to.


What’s changed in the industry since you started?

I got into the industry before everyone had an iPhone. The industry has changed simultaneously with technology. HD Skype shows and sexting with a woman who takes photos in live time is simply something that was not around when I started working as an adult entertainer.

With the technology advances, the industry has also gotten more saturated. I started webcam modelling when I was eighteen. The iPhone had been out for three years but if you wanted to be a cam model, you had to have a computer. There are many websites out there now where all you need is a cell phone to webcam model. Anyone can be an adult entertainer, now, little start up required. It has not always been like that.


What do sellers need to know/understand in order to be successful in this business?

Sellers need to understand basic businesses economics in order to be successful. Understanding the cost of supplies and pricing your physical merchandise or digital services appropriately is imperative. I find a lot of sellers ultimately get burned out in the industry because they find it to be too much work for not enough profit. If you run your business strategically, it does not have to be like that.


What are the biggest mistakes you see sellers make?

I am going to give two answers here. The primary mistakes I see sellers make are as follows:

First, inappropriate pricing for the market. All selling platforms have a different market. If you are charging too much in an oversaturated market, you might not do well. If you are charging too little on a platform with high paying clientele, you are selling yourself short.

Second, poor presentation will get poor results. Having a neat, organized space to take photos and putting in an effort to look presentable go a long way. Sellers who are not willing to do things like, make the bed they are taking pictures on, remove chipped nail polish, or invest in a light kit (not that expensive) are inclined not to do well.


Tell us about your training offers?

My adult entertainment digi course, Panty Seller 411, is based on an eight week schedule. You are able to do the class at your own pace. I cover everything you need to know about running your own online entertainment company. Topics covered included pricing guidelines, safety advice, and marketing strategies.

The class also includes 13 video reviews on different platforms great for making money on. I have personally used every website reviewed in my class. Successful sellers work multiple platforms. My class include reviews on a plethora of different types of websites. Do not let the name Panty Seller 411 fool you. I do review panty selling websites in the class, but I also review websites used exclusively for phone sex, sexting, video sales and more.


What’s your favourite platform/social media for selling and why?

My favorite platform seems to change with the times. A constant favourite is I love them for the high level of traffic provided and the ability to offer a lot of different services. Every service I offer as an adult entertainer, I am able to offer on


Where can people find out more about your training?

Visit my website, for more information on my course!


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