Interview with Pantydeal

Continuing the series of interviews with panty selling platforms, today is the turn of Pantydeal.

How did Pantydeal come about?  

While attending a party, Paul Richter overheard a few young ladies gossiping about making easy money selling worn panties online. As he continued to listen in, and began understanding just how much demand there was around the world for used panties, an idea struck him. 

After meeting Caren Smith, who already had personal experience in the industry, the pair decided that this was a unique opportunity that they just had to take advantage of. 

By combining Paul’s knowledge of business and Caren’s knowledge of the industry, Pantydeal was born. 


How has panty buying online changed over the last few years? 

Well, we have seen how the interest has been growing over the years. Definitely, OITNB was a huge boom all over the Internet, and of course, for us. After that, we have seen how, increasingly, more media have been interested in the topic. Every time a new article is released about panty selling, we see more visit. 

That means that the interest is growing with the sexual liberation we are living.  


What advice do you have for new sellers, trying to get established? 

Listen to your Podcast! They can learn a lot from it. 

On your first day, the best you can do is study the market, the other sellers, and take your time to find what is your best strategy.  


What advice do you have for new buyers? 


Our Podcast is a great starting point for everyone, because they can find all kinds of opinions, and it will also help them to understand how our site works.  

But I definitely would recommend them to be honest about what they want to buy or not, as everybody’s time is precious.  


What is Pantydeal doing to help alleviate concerns about scamming? 

We have a review system that definitely helps a lot to check before buying or selling. 

Apart from that, we have also a phone and photo verification that differentiate us from other sites.  

The big plus is our Support team, that always take the time to help in each case and check the information.  

Therefore, being the biggest and oldest used panty site helps us to have the most trustable buyers and sellers, and you can see the difference. Our top lists are full of trusted sellers with a lot of sales behind them. 

A trusted and connected community is what helps to scare possible scammers. 


How is Pantydeal different from other platforms? 

As I already mentioned, we are the biggest market. With more than 1 million users, our site has a lot to offer. We are worldwide, and we are looking to expand soon.  

We offer verification tools, a team with years of experience in diverse areas, and a lot of features to have much more than a shop online. 

Also, we are not only an online market, but a community that works as a social media channel for panty sellers. We also have a blog with testimonies, sexual tips, a Podcast, and we have regular contests for our sellers.  

Also, we are continually improving our service, and we have launched a new design optimized for mobiles with new functions, and there are more to come!  


What is the future of buying and selling panties online? 

I think the expansion of the market to new countries is what will create a worldwide atmosphere of normality, and it will be taken as any other fetish.  

I think we are living a good moment for the woman’s sexuality, and fortunately, this will help the fetish to grow.  


What does it take to be a successful panty seller? 

You would better answer that question, as you have shown how to do it. 

I think the most important is to know what your strengths are and be confident. 

If you trust in yourself, the rest will do. All in life is what you project, selling panties or somewhere else. 

Be brave, trust you are beautiful, and offer just what you are comfortable with, but overall, what you enjoy doing.   


What new plans do you have on the horizon/just launched? 

Well, as I mention, we have just launched a new design, but we are working hard on a lot of new features. We don’t want to disclose much more, as we prefer it to be a surprise 😉 




Thank you so much to Pantydeal for their interview. Their site is where I started and I’ve met some really genuinely lovely people on there. I’ve had incredible success as a seller on Pantydeal, which is why I put together the Pantydeal Training program, to show you how I’ve used the site to make sales. 

It’s certainly a busy site with a lot to offer so be sure to check it out. 



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    My name is Giovanni Eltaktouk, an agent at First Round Management, a sports and influencer agency located in Miami.

    I am looking to get in contact with Caren smith or Paul Richter the founders of Panty Deal. I am looking to partner up with them and our influencers.

    • I doubt you will find them. I’m pretty sure that was a cover story. Pantydeal is owned by a company in Bulgaria called VelvetSun I believe. That information may be out of date now.

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