Is It Easy To Sell Your Used Underwear Online?

If you pay attention to some of what you read or hear online, you’ll believe that selling your used bras, panties and socks is dead easy.

And well, that’s true. 

But whoever is telling you this also happens to be totally wrong.

Sure, selling your underwear is super easy.

Wear it, wrap it, package it, post it.

Job fucking done.

What could be easier?

And when you run out of stock. Well, just pop down the local Walmart or Primark and you’re good to go with new stock that doesn’t cost the earth.



Yes, selling your underwear is easy.

But the physical act of wearing and posting isn’t hard. 

I’ll tell you what’s hard…

Finding legitimate buyers is hard.

Sorting the good ones from the bad takes time and can be fucking hard in the beginning.

Showing up day after day despite no sales and no feedback to let you know whether you’re doing the right thing, selling for the right price or even in the right ballpark when it comes to selling online, is hard.

Not comparing yourself too much to other sellers is hard.

Maintaining umpteen different conversations with different guys – some of whom have no intention of buying – is hard.

Getting feedback you weren’t prepared for can be hard.

Packaged being intercepted by customs or just not fucking turning up (apparently) can be hard.


Have you ever worked in a shop or an office?

Was it a piece of piss every single day or were there some days shit happened?

The latter, right?

Have you ever worked for YOURSELF?

Was it a piece of piss every single day or were there some days you just didn’t want to have to deal with fucking anyone or anything?

The latter, right?

What’s the point of this post?

The point is that ANYONE that tells you this is a walk in the park and you’ll be a millionaire by Christmas is leading you up a merry path for reasons unknown.

YES, it’s a good gig money-wise, particularly if you’re going to sell DIGITAL content as well as physical items.

YES, who doesn’t love being paid to orgasm?

YES, your stock is cheap, the mark up is great and the buyers are out there.

YES, lots of women are doing this because it is a viable business.

BUT (and you knew there was a but, right?) it’s also still a fucking job with ups and downs and difficult days when you think about jacking it in and finding something else…

Just like any other job.

But this time, you’re working for yourself.

You’re the boss. You’re the CEO. And you have to show up if you want it to work.

If you need some support on your journey, you’re welcome to join my Sellers Before Fellas sellers group or reach out to me with any of your questions.

And you got this. If I can do it, you can too. 


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