Is OnlyFans better than AVN Stars?

If you’ve been following me recently you’ll know that I stopped selling panties on Pantydeal (for a number of reasons) and I’ve been actively seeking new platforms to sell and to promote my wears on.

So I joined Onlyfans, which is amazing. You can read about how I’m generating income on Onlyfans here and here.

But recently someone mentioned that AVN Stars is better.


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And so curiosity got the better of me and I jumped on there to have a look.

If you don’t know, AVN Stars is very similar to Onlyfans in that it’s a subscription based site where your followers can pay to follow you and access your content.

What makes AVN slightly better than Onlyfans (in my opinion) is that it has an explore function. This means that users of the site can find you – this isn’t available on Onlyfans where you need to bring in your own traffic and promote. AVN means that there’s a chance that people can just find you and follow you as they’re looking through pics, videos and live streams.

That’s definitely a huge plus point! 

It’s very similar to Twitter in how it’s laid out. Extremely easy to use. 

It’s so much easier to give someone a free trial. I still haven’t figured that out on Onlyfans yet and it seems that other users of Onlyfans find it quite faffy to give out free trial links too.

Unlike Onlyfans you also have the option of giving some content for free and the rest pay to view. On Onlyfans it’s basically all or nothing, which means it’s harder to entice people to see if they vibe with you and your content. 

The only thing I will say that I prefer about Onlyfans is that you can schedule posts to disappear after a set time period. I set my media to delete after 30 days. That means if someone signs up they get 30 days worth of content for that subscription price. If my items didn’t disappear they could hold off for a few months, pay a one off low fee and get access to everything. That doesn’t make sense in my book.

The only thing is you need to keep tabs on what you’ve posted before if you’re going to play around with removing content after a while.

But this option isn’t available on AVN Stars. You’d have to physically go in and delete items by yourself.

Just my personal preference but something for you to think about.

I mean, overall they’re basically the same but you might prefer the interface of AVN Stars more than Onlyfans

It’s up to you which one you want to choose.

Personally I’m going with both of them to run alongside each other. I’ll post the same content in Onlyfans and AVN Stars each day to make things easier on myself.


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