Is Pantydeal a Scam?

I received a comment on this blog post the other day telling me to stop promoting Pantydeal as the site is a scam.

So, what’s the story? Is Pantydeal a scam site?

Well, I checked in with my sellers discord group Sellers Before Fellas to see if something was going down (I left PD a few years ago) so that I could let people know if there was something to be concerned about.

But also, if you’ve been following me more or less from the beginning, you’ll know that I’ve prided myself on giving my absolute honest opinion about ALL the different panty selling sites. I’ve done many a podcast talking about not just pantydeal, but other sites too. I’ve written blog posts and given sites their own opportunity to tell us about them through interviews.

I like to think that I’m the most impartial advice on the internet about what different sites are like. I don’t actively promote any site other than Scented Pansy. I usually tell new sellers to start on Pantydeal because like it or not, it’s the biggest site out there and a good place to find your feet and decide whether selling is actually for you or not. 

I’ve ‘worked’ with a few of the sites and sold on many of them so I feel I’ve always given you my honest feedback.

Back to the story though…

It appears that not much has really changed on Pantydeal. Here’s what’s not working on the site right now as far as I’m aware.

Autoposting – well over a year ago now, some sellers caught on to being able to install programs (I’m a massive dinosaur when it comes to tech so don’t shoot me if that’s not the actual terminology) that allowed sellers to auto post their items on the site without having to physically do it themselves. Now, that was a game-changer for a lot of sellers. The downside was that quite a few sellers implemented it and obviously PD caught wind and decided to shut it down (as well as suspend the seller accounts that were using it for breaking TOS.) 

Not ideal.

But in retrospect, autoposting probably wasn’t a good idea. Like I said, I’m a luddite. I think adding a tonne of tech to a site that’s meant to be built on interpersonal relationships (you know what I mean) and community, is a bad idea. Whilst it reduces the tedium, it also turns the site into a bit of a robot.

So when they took it down it was back to basics for everyone. An even playing-ground if you will.

HOWEVER, it seems like some sellers are still using the autoposting. This is based on feedback in my group. So I agree that isn’t ideal and would make the site a bit shit to hang out on.

Next up, BOTS.

I have no proof that there are bots on the site but there are of course the usual scamming accounts. One seller said she got 9 similar messages in a short space of time, which leads me to believe that the scamming accounts probably do utilise some kind of bot to target new sellers.

I mean, there are bots everywhere on most social media now so it would make sense.

I don’t know the inner goings on of Pantydeal so I’ve no idea how they deal with these accounts. I *like* to think that they do their best to shut them down the way they did with the autoposting but who knows.

The point is that automation whether it’s to autopost sellers items or target new sellers with scam messages is a fucking recipe for disaster and could bring a big site like PD down if it isn’t nipped in the bud.

A big site like PD finds it a lot harder to emulate the community aspect of a site like SP simply because it is so big and wieldy. But what’s going for it is the size in terms of numbers of buyers (and sellers) so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

To be clear, I don’t actively promote PD and I certainly think that on top of these two issues I’ve outline above there are plenty of other things that they do badly – very badly – but those are outlined elsewhere so I’m not about to go into them all again. Check out my podcast I did on PD to find out all my reasons for leaving that site.

Is the site a scam? Well, there are definitely scam elements on the site. Always has been. But there are also legitimate buyers and sellers too.

The question is, do you want to become a seller badly enough to spend the subscription fee finding out what’s what?

The other question is, if you want to sell panties and you don’t want to sell on PD, then where else will you go?

I do not actively promote Pantydeal. BUT I do not believe that there are no active buyers on there. Might that change? Absolutely.

It’s up to the active legitimate community on the site to hold the management team to account to maintain the standards.

Otherwise, it’s more than possible that smaller panty selling sites will rise to take the place of Pantydeal.

That’s my prediction.



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3 thoughts on “Is Pantydeal a Scam?”

  1. Great blog, Dalma,

    I think PantyDeal made a mistake in their lack of communication and suspension of models. Models who were using auto-post were some of the most “serious” models on the site. I know a decent amount of auto posters who felt disrespected and did not return to the site after their suspension. When you scare away your best models (and their customers), your site is bound to go downhill. So, I wouldn’t say PD is a scam, but it is just another panty site that is going downhill. I think the whole selling used panties industry is going down hill. So many other things to do online in the adult entertainment world that make more money.

    • You’re right. When the core community leaves then the site is open to becoming a shell of its former self. I think you’re on to something about the industry changing and adapting. It’s like that moment where an industry doesn’t adapt to what’s going on in other sites like OF and they end up self-destructing. I’d like to write a post on that. What is the future of panty selling sites??? Adapt or die as the saying goes.

  2. No lies told, Pantydeal is shooting themselves in the foot. So much has changed on there. …and not for the better.


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