Is Selling Your Panties Online Illegal?

When I first started selling my used panties online, it never even crossed my mind that what I was doing could be illegal.

I never even thought to check.

I figured that if there were selling sites then it must be ok.

After a few months the discussion came up in my SellersBeforeFellas group and I figured maybe I should check.

So here’s the short answer to is it legal to sell used panties and post them to buyers you meet online?


From what I’ve researched online (and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do your own research):

  • It’s not illegal to sell if the person knows it is a used/worn item they are buying (i.e. they do not think it is a second hand clean item they are buying).
  • It may be considered ‘hazardous substances’ under some states of the US depending on the postal service.
  • If you sell to an under age person you will be subject to prosecution.
  • Panty Selling Platforms are indemnified and selling to an under age person through a selling platform will not protect you.
  • Posting bodily fluids carries an additional risk of prosecution

Here’s a video I made about the legality of selling online:


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