It’s Not About The Panties…

When it comes to selling your used panties online, us sellers need to remember: 


I mean, it absolutely of course is about the panties.

But it’s also not.

Still with me?


This morning I received this message from one of my customers:

“This whole industry if you will is built on fantasy. What does it for me (I’m hesitant to use the terms “gets me off”) is the anticipation, the build up, the fact a gorgeous woman from abroad is sending something so intimate, that she’s done specifically for myself. That’s where I get my satisfaction.”

I need you to take this on board.

This thing, this product you are selling, is not a product… It’s an EXPERIENCE for your customer.

It’s not the physical product that they’re all about. It’s the experience of buying that product from you.

The product is almost secondary to the experience.

I’m trying to think of a good analogy here.

When you go to an amazing restaurant. The food may be high quality and cooked to perfection, but it’s still just meat and veg.

But it’s the entire experience that makes your visit to that restaurant either mediocre or out of this world.

The ambience.

How you’re attended to.

The whole package, you dig?

And it’s the same here.

From the very moment your customer engages with you THAT is when their experience begins. 

And it doesn’t (hopefully) end when they receive their package. You want them to return to your experience again and again.

So the next time you think it’s about that pair of panties and how many days you’ve worn them, remember the restaurant analogy.

You are providing far more for that person than you think.

This is not a product. It’s an experience.

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