Joining A New Panty Selling Website

So I decided to do an epic piece of work comparing lots of different panty selling websites.

(I’m gonna talk platforms in the next episode of the podcast so stay tuned for that.)

But it’s been interesting and a bit frustrating so far.


Because when I started panty selling I started on just one platform.

I went through the struggle and blood, sweat and tears to build a reputation and reviews.

To prove myself to be a trusted seller and not a scammer or fly-by-night girl.

And here I am back at square one again.

Reading buyer’s profiles saying they won’t buy from sellers who don’t have any reviews. (And you can’t exactly ask them to login to a different site, right?)

And so I’m back in the new girl shoes.

The one who isn’t trusted.

The one who has to start from scratch and build a reputation all over again.

And I forgot how daunting that is. How frustrating to be in a position to sell good quality products but have no kind of proof of that.

To expect guys to take a chance on you all over again.

To wish that you could just quickly get one or two reviews to have something solid to build on.

But I have to remind myself that I’ve been there and done that once and I can do it again.

I know what it takes to succeed – I have to build know, like and trust without the reviews to fall back on.

Because here’s the truth. Now that I have 70 reviews on my initial platform, I know that guys look at that and instantly trust me. I mean, most do, maybe the ones who’ve been seriously scammed still view everyone with suspicion…

I don’t have to try to earn their trust because the numbers speak for themselves.

But when there are no numbers it comes back to know, like and trust.

And that means showing up every fucking single day.

That means showing up all day every single day. I mean logging in, morning, noon and night. Sporadic times throughout the whole day. Every day.

It means initiating conversation.

It means reaching out to potential buyers. DEFINITELY NOT PUSHING ANY SALES AT ALL EVER!!

It means trusting that everyone started in the same place.

No reviews.

No trust built.

And they made it.

And so will you.

And so will I.

Show up. Post. Message. Join in. Get involved. Consistently. Every day. High energy. High trust. High vibe.┬áStay the course. Don’t give up. Do the damn thing. Sell the damn panties. Earn the trust. Earn the reward.

We’re all doing this together! We’re all in this together.

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