KIK Has Left The Building – What Will We Use To Sell Our Panties Now?

So unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past week you’ll know that the messaging platform KIK is closing down.

After a few hours panicking about whether it was a hoax, most panty sellers and adult workers scurried around trying to find alternatives to the platform.

As I’ve blogged and podcasted about, KIK was a really useful tool for communicating with other sellers, buyers and participating in groups for selling.

Alas, no more.

I felt equally disappointed when Circle Pay shut down. But in this community we always bounce back. We always find a way and another app will come along to replace it and we’ll not even remember who or what KIK was… 😊

But this is an important learning point. We can’t have all our eggs in the one basket. I know a lot of sellers who made 80-90% of their sales on KIK and then you wake up one morning and your basket has fallen and all your eggs are gone.

No omelettes for you!

But, if we’re clever, we realise that we can’t rely on any one platform to generate our income.

I’ve spoken about this on the podcast before. You just don’t know what could happen to any platform on any given day and then your livelihood has vanished – albeit temporarily.

You can’t rely on these places 100%. You need to spread risk. Opt for two platforms. Opt for at least one social media platform – ideally two. Make sure you use the same name across all – you are your brand!

Make sure you have ways to contact your customers.

Make sure you spread the risk and if you find you are focusing too much on one outlet, diversify!

Create a community so you know what’s going on – that’s also what I’m here for.

Don’t be an island.

There you go, islands and omelettes and I haven’t even had a coffee yet!

So where are we moving to?

Well, there appears to be two clear winners with the messaging app.



I haven’t tried Mewe but I like Wire. It’s very sleek in design and similar to KIK.

Both wouldn’t hurt I guess.

As for my SellersBeforeFellas KIK groups for sellers, well, we had to move to Discord.

It’s actually a much better platform as you’re able to have separate threads to talk about different aspects of selling.

If you want to join the group, please contact me on the contact page.

So lesson learned, never rely on just one place to sell. Open up your options. Open up your channels of communication!


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