Lacking Confidence as a Seller

I received this message from a seller:

“So I finally finished the 7 Day Sales Challenge and the thing that I really identified as a problem for me is my confidence as a person, a seller, a business woman. I always feel less…less attractive, less funny, less experienced, just less… do you have any recommendation for me to work on it?”

This is huge and certainly not something that I can magic away in a blog post but I can give you my thoughts and experience.

First of all, there’s a pandemic in the human race and it’s called not feeling as if you are enough.

It’s rife.

There’s a woman I discovered a few years ago called Marrisa Pier and she’s done a lot of work on the “I AM ENOUGH” stuff. I highly recommend you watch some of her videos on YouTube.


Because ultimately nothing much will shift until you erase the error programming in your brain around not feeling as if you are enough exactly as you are.

But moving on.

Confidence in business isn’t something you’re born with – it’s something you build the longer you do it.

Remember your first day in a new job or as a new mum or driving a car by yourself after passing your test? You knew nothing. You made tonnes of mistakes. You hit the ground running and worked it out as you went along.

You learn as you go and experience gives you more confidence.

And spoiler: most of us are just fucking out here winging it. On EVERYTHING. As we go along.

Not being uber confident actually brings lots more rewards than you’d think. For one, you’re not complacent and you’re still able to learn and be flexible.

So who says lacking confidence in your business is necessarily a bad thing?

We need to rewrite the program that says we need to be confident in all areas all the time.

Simply not true and not realistic.

You will ALWAYS compare yourself to other sellers. Fuck, I do.

I’ve trained myself in lots of ways to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road and just keep moving doing my own thing but I STILL get swayed by what other sellers are doing and how they do it.

Again, completely normal.

If you find that you’re comparing yourself and it’s really super negatively affecting you, then you need to implement strategies that avoid the triggers to you feeling that way.

That may include just not looking at what others are doing on Twitter or platforms.

Take your energy AWAY from the things that don’t inspire you or create momentum in your business. 

Sometimes you can be inspired and driven from what others are doing. But there can be a fine line.

Learn about YOU and your TRIGGERS and your BEHAVIOURS that positively and negatively impact you and your business and act accordingly.

I also recommend journal practice on the daily to REWRITE the bullshit in your mind. You have to keep writing the absolute opposite of whatever bullshit you’re telling yourself.




All that stuff.

Over and over.

It works.

Seriously, every single person who were to ask me the “secret” of my own success in all areas of my life, I will always say writing in my journal.

Hopefully doing the 7 Day Challenge will be the start for you to get to grips with rewriting your brain through writing your journal.

But ultimately, take solace in the fact that we ALL go through this. Even the seemingly super confident people are crippled with their own anxieties and feeling not good enough.

It’s normal.

Let’s not compound the problem by feeling like we ‘shouldn’t.

I hope this helps!


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