Let’s Hear It For Panty Buyers

I want to dedicate this post to the panty buying men.

Specifically, I want to dedicate it to the buyers who take a chance on the women who’ve just joined a platform and currently have zero reviews.

The reason I’m all about these guys right now is that I myself am new to a number of platforms and here I sit with my no reviews, desperately trying to stake my place alongside the more seasoned sellers.

All of a sudden I’m taken back in time to when I was first starting out and trying to position myself as a genuine seller and not some fly-by-night gal. I’m sure we can all remember what it was like getting started. There’s so much to learn and it’s way more work than we anticipated.

But the biggest deal of all? Getting reviews. Getting my first review was so important to me it’s all I could think about!

And so now I’m reminded how hard it is to go from 0 to 1 review. It feels like climbing Mt. Everest just waiting on someone to take a chance on you. Everything else is set up and ready to go but it’s just waiting for that first sale. It’s everything to a new panty seller!

As I sit and peruse profiles I read profile after profile stating well-placed boundaries around not buying from sellers with no reviews. And of course my heart sinks a little knowing that I (and other sellers) face the same plight, desperately trying to get off the ground.

And I recall all the guys I’ve spoken to in the past (when I was already over the 20 review mark and then 30 and 50) about how they shouldn’t buy from women with no reviews because their chances of being scammed were higher. Because at that point, it didn’t matter to me. I wasn’t that seller.​ I’d already ‘made it’.

And now here I am.

I am exactly the woman I warned those scammed guys against. Karma is a funny thing, right?
But here’s what I choose to remember.

I choose to remember the guys who DID take a chance on me and all the other countless sellers I’ve met in this work.

The guys who saw the zero reviews but decided to buy anyway.
Those are the guys I want to dedicate this post to.
Those are the guys I want to say thank you to.

Because they don’t realise just how big a deal it is to a seller when they’re willing to take a chance. To help her build her reputation and her trustworthiness online.

​Those guys are literally helping the seller to build her business. And I guarantee every single seller on a platform remembers EXACTLY what she sold the first time she made a sale.
You always remember your first buyer!

It’s that important.

And these guys are out there now, taking a chance on new sellers and making them beyond happy that they get to go from that miserly 0 to that all important 1 review. Because that’s just the start. The hardest obstacle has been overcome!

So if you’re one of those guys and you’re reading this now, please know that we rely on you. You are more special to us than you might think.

You are the decent guys who give us the chance to prove ourselves to you and to everyone else.
Your one review means everything.
Your one review is all it takes to build trust and to help us build our business.
Because of you.

So thank you to those guys.
Thank you for giving us a chance.
You help us to make it!


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