Let’s Talk About Panty Stains!

I got this message from a used panty seller:

I found your Panty Selling podcast and I’m hooked. I haven’t joined any panty selling platforms yet but just casually listening while I’m at work to see if this is something I could actually do. 

As far as panties go, how would one start with product? Should I just go thru my drawer and use my old panties?? I don’t tend to buy new ones often so, as a lot of girls probably have, most of my undies are kinda ratty. Holes in the lace, stretched out elastic, some dedicated to only shark week wear, some/most stained just from use over time and those shark accidents. Are those ones worth posting? Or should I just shell out for a set of new ones to begin with? 
Do these old used ones have any market value?? 

And that brings me to the most embarrassing question. 
Regarding accidental skid marks! I’m used to using a bidet for a perfectly clean hiney but in public it’s not an option. So if I were to be wearing for an order, how detrimental is that extra…scent and visual to the product? Or is that just something to be cautious about and be overly careful of during a wear? My cycle is also unpredictable and I will spot out of no where….how do I handle these kinds of oopsies?

This is an excellent question.

So straight off the bat, don’t go out and buy new panties to sell.

The only reason you should buy new panties to sell is if you have like two pairs of panties that you wear on rotation, OR you feel like literally every single pair of pants is horrendous and you’d like just some pretty panties to add to your inventory. If it’s the latter, buy some nice VS panties on special and then you’re set.

Holey and well-worn panties are precisely what some buyers are wanting. They want REAL panties worn by REAL you. Again, if they’re all dyed-in-the-wash and make you feel like the least sexy person on the planet then you might want to NOT sell the worst pairs and keep them for your period days – and potentially shark week wears. In fact, that would be my advice. Set aside the most worn horrible panties for shark week wears ONLY.

I would definitely keep them for selling. You just never know.

As for oopsie accidents. 

There are guys who want the full experience of everything going on down there. They might even request skid marks.

I will say that those are less common requests but they do happen. But if you’re doing a wear and you’re worried that might happen, a hack that some sellers use is to use a cut up panty liner in that area of the panties to avoid little accidents.

If you come on your period during a wear that’s more of a problem. Shark week guys are less common than normal wear guys. If it happens on a wear, you’d need to start again and alert your buyer that you’ve been delayed.

But guys who want/don’t mind skid marks will let you know.

The other thing you can do if it happens is dampen a cloth and wipe away the worst of the incident and see how it looks. If it’s just slightly stained and scented then that’s different than full on skid in all it’s glory right there on the panty.

Be careful if you’re doing that not to wipe away the gusset area but just that one spot if you know what I mean.

That ought to take care of it. Or, if it’s really bad, scrub that bit with soap and continue the wear.

There are ways and means of dealing with accidents but overall, don’t sweat it too much. They want to experience the full scent.

Generally, there are three scent areas. 1 is the pee region, 2 is the vagina region and 3 is the anus region. Some guys will even specify if they have a particular region they love. And then there are probably guys that don’t even know regions are a thing haha.

Most guys are going for region 2 and that’s their main attraction. Some sellers even stuff a little just to get added flavour on to their panties – particularly if they have a light scent or don’t excrete too much.

Does that help?

Don’t go all out and buy tonnes of stuff – at least until you know this industry is for you. THEN you can go out and buy lots of panties to sell. (Spoiler: you’ll probably see panties in a different way and end up buying loads!)

Don’t freak out about accidents. Tend to them or try and prevent them.

That’s it!


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