Let’s Talk About Your Pics…

I’m the most excited person ever!

I know if you’re anything like me you’ve seen pics of other panty sellers and literally wanted to set fire to every fucking photo you’ve ever taken of yourself.

Because lighting and angles and editing and HOW DOES SHE EVEN CONTORT HER BODY LIKE THAT??

And I for one am not too scared to tell you that I have literally no clue how you take a pic of yourself using a mirror where you don’t end up looking like a constipated giraffe.

Pics matter – I’m not going to lie to you.

Your pics sell your products but more importantly they SELL YOU. And you are your products. 

And NO, your pics don’t have to look like they fell out of Vogue magazine and YES, there’s something to be said for quirky and uber-amateur vibes.

But most of us would really love our pics to be better…

So, how does this sound?

What if there was a training for you on:

1. How to prep a background and “set” that isn’t either a bathroom or a bedroom with EVERY DRAWER LEFT OPEN without splashing out major cash…
2. Knowing how to use lighting to your ultimate advantage to accentuate all the right things…
3. Understanding how to stand in a way that looks good and is COMPLETELY GEARED AROUND PANTY SALES?
4. How to take photographs (no fancy camera required) that showcase what you’re actually selling (what your buyers want to see)…
5. Posing and not just being a duck-faced Kardashian…
6. Editing that looks natural and not like you’re in fucking Nuts magazine circa 1999

Yes, without selling a kidney to buy a fancy camera and equipment

Yes, a training SPECIFICALLY FOR PANTY SELLERS – because not much fucking else exists out there for us.

And yes, brought to you by an actual branding photographer who I’ve teamed up with to bring this to you!

And no, it won’t cost the earth!!! (Dalma’s Inner Circle members get ALLLLLL trainings included in their yearly membership)

Well, stay tuned because this shit is happening baby! 

If you think this is a fucking shit hot idea – and why wouldn’t you? – then reply with 

SHIT HOT FUCKING IDEA – just so I know you’re paying attention.

ALSO – HOT SHAME prelaunch price ends tomorrow. Grab it for $9 instead of $25. This is your opportunity to dive deep and drop the MF shame around your sexuality as it relates to your sex work. All the details here: – https://pantysellingschool.com/hot-shame/

Catch you on the flip side – whatever that even means…

Yes, I have had a wine.

Dalma xx

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