Is It Okay To Lie To Your Panty Buyers?

I got this question from a new used panty seller:

“I don’t want guys to know I’m married… I know you said to lie about certain stuff but has that ever come back to bite you in the ass? It’s okay for me to lie about eing married, right? I need some reassurance…”

This is a great question.

First off, when I say you should lie, I am mostly referring to things that give away your identity or you don’t feel comfortable with people knowing about you. 

So yes, I probably wouldn’t call it lying but more like protecting the truth for a greater good. Haha.


So yes, you don’t have to tell guys you are married. There’s that.

You can tell guys you aren’t married when you are. That’s of course a lie.

Those two things are different.

You can decide to keep it hidden unless asked. Or you can decide to flat out say you aren’t.

Neither of these are right or wrong. This is your business. Your rules.

I have lost custom over the time I’ve been selling panties online because guys hadn’t realised I was married and then found out I was – either through conversation, offerings or reading my profile properly!

So if you’re going to go with a story then make sure you’re covering your ass.

If you’re going to offer couple content then you’ll possibly be asked about the guy in the video!

Even though you don’t mention a partner, you might still be asked. Especially from guys who want to make sure you aren’t going to be copulating during their wear!!

If you’re asked and you don’t feel comfortable saying your husband doesn’t exist, then you can say that you prefer not to talk about your personal life or just grit your teeth and cross your fingers haha.

Ultimately, it may cost you a sale or two if a guy finds out you’re in a committed relationship, but if you have your story straight right from the beginning then yes, you can easily hide the fact you have a husband.




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