Make Onlyfans Your Bitch Training – Pre-Launch

Would you rather have $97 or $495?

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

But actually the real question is would you rather have $97 or $4,965 with possibly even more on top?

What the hell am I talking about?

Well, for the first year I was on Pantydeal (I was on the site for one whole year) I followed the herd and I created my video content and started selling it as a drive offer. If you don’t know what that is, I offered people a one-time payment to access my G Drive and all the videos in it (and any added thereafter). 

When I first sold my G Drive it was $30 – I didn’t have much in it.
Then I upped it to $60 as I added more content.
Then $75 when I realised I was undercharging.
Then it went up to $97.

I didn’t really see anyone selling theirs for over the $100 mark so that seemed to be the unsaid yet agreed maximum that drives would sell for. 

Now, at the same time I was aware of Onlyfans but I was ignoring the fuck out of it because I thought it seemed like hard work, I didn’t really know or understand what I was supposed to do with it and other B.S. reasons I can’t quite fathom at this time. Nevertheless, I wasn’t on board the Onlyfans train.

Then I did some research and watched some YouTube videos. And it hit me like a tonne of bricks just how foolish I’d been in not utilising this amazing resource for generating passive income.

Passive income is where you don’t have to work ‘as hard’ as you’d work generating the same amount of income as you do on Panty Selling sites which are largely active sources of income because they require your time and effort. To make the monies, you need to be involved. That’s active.

After I fully understood just how UNBELIEVABLE an Onlyfans/subscription/membership model actually is for generating passive income (you can read exactly why you SHOULD follow this income stream method) I jumped on board and kicked myself for leaving it so late.

I now have four Onlyfans pages – yes, really. 

One of my pages is solely for my video content and totals 58 videos. 

Now, when you add the videos up when they are priced individually, it comes to $495 at my current pricing. Price depends on content of the video of course. 

How ridiculous it feels to realise I was giving away almost that amount of content for a measly $97 for the G Drive offer I was selling on Pantydeal and other platforms.

And when I asked before about earning more than $495, I mean that using the Onlyfans page (and yes, AVN Stars and Admire Me VIPwork in the same manner), you can make way more than selling videos individually.

Did I mention that these sales are made whilst I’m asleep? Even if I’m not asleep, I can be busy engaging in other income related activity rather than to-ing and fro-ing with customers about what videos I have, how long they are, how much they are, what I’m doing in them bla bla bla.


You’ll also earn more (and yes, I know OF takes a cut) because you can upsell more items in your Onlyfans and pull subscribers from free pages into paid pages – my paid page is currently $20 per month. Not to mention tips and other sales you can make when you have their attention IN YOUR ONLYFANS PAGE AND NOT COMPETING WITH HUNDREDS OF OTHERS ON A PLATFORM. 

My point is there is FAR MUCH MORE MONEY TO BE MADE USING THE ONLYFANS model than selling your digital content in any other way.

Now, perhaps you’re not on Onlyfans yet. Because like me, you didn’t or don’t ‘get’ the benefits.

Or perhaps you think it’s going to be hard work.

Or perhaps you just don’t know what to do.

Well, don’t worry. I got your back. It’s not too late to get on board this train.

For a few weeks now the muse has been banging on in my ear telling me I need to create an Onlyfans training to help those who aren’t utilising this method.

Now more than ever with the state of the world, digital content can help fill the gaps in your income from a drop in panty sales!!

This training is going to cover more than the basics of how to set up an account (including a 30 minute live walkthrough).

I’ll share with you my own personal strategy.
My strategies for the different pages I have – 4 in total.
How you SHOULD be running them – a lot of sellers aren’t picking up on the details!!
How to upsell in the site to double or triple the income you make from panties.
If you sign up to Onlyfans through my referral link you’ll receive LIFETIME mentorship from me on how to run your page!
Lots of audio trainings talking you through every aspect of selling on Onlyfans.
And much more!

I’m offering a cheeky pre-launch price of just $9 (the full sale price when it comes out this Friday is going to be $15).

Sign up before Friday to grab the discount and be the first to receive the training when it’s released this Friday.

Full sales page is here: 


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Dalma x

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