Making Money On All My Links

So last night I made money whilst I was asleep. Literally the first time that’s happened in my whole panty selling career.

And sure, it was only $5. I’m not about to retire to the Bahamas just yet. But still, it’s a start and I want to share with you how I did it and how I plan to build on this to have a whole range of products available for purchase where I don’t physically have to do ANYTHING (other than set it up).

So we all know that the thing about selling panties online (and digital content) is that you have to be talking to customers and well, selling to them.

It’s tiring. It takes up your time. We’ve all been there, it’s midnight, you want to go to sleep but you have a feeling this guy is going to buy and so you have to keep chatting until the deal is done.

And sure, a lot of buyers look for and NEED that rapport and getting to know you thing.

Equally, there are guys who want to buy your shit (literally but let’s not go there) and well, you don’t really have to be there for them to do that.

I’m talking panties on occasion but mostly vids and pics.


If you’ve listened to the last few podcasts you’ll have heard me talk about this.

All My Links is basically a website/app where you can put all your links (duh) in one place. But more than just links to your selling profiles. Links to your website, KIK handle, Twitter/Insta/Snap handle, your phone number, your email, your EVERYTHING.

You can also put links to G DRIVE AND DROPBOX links. Where you just might happen to have photo sets and videos, right?


Are you putting it all together yet?

All My Links will hide the link on links determined by you and put a price against them to unlock.

You decide the price.

So you decide to put a link to a video in one of those links and put a set price against it. The person then pays ALL MY LINKS (they take a 10% cut – worth it, you could even add it on to the price) and BOB is your uncle. 

They get the pic set/video and you get your money from All My Links.

Now, the only thing is that of course, if it’s a video, you haven’t given them email access, they’ve got a link. Which technically they could send to their friend. But if you’re cool with that then this is a GREAT way to take you out of the equation.

So I have a whole bunch of links in mine. But I thought I’d test it out with a ‘Nudes’ link. Something that someone could find and purchase and I wouldn’t have to be there.

And by jingo it worked.

Now I’m thinking about setting up maybe 5-10 pieces of content to go into my All My Links and direct customers to it whenever they want to buy.

But it gets better.

All My Links has a CROWDSOURCING option where people can donate to your fund. This is a great way to take payment and to accept tributes and tips.

The world is your oyster here.

You’d be missing a trick not to take advantage of having a potential income that does not require you to be awake and chatting at midnight when you could be getting some glorious sleep as well as a SAFE way to accept payments.

Let me know your thoughts. Have I missed anything?

I hope you find this useful. Visit All My Links to set up your page and follow me @panty-dalma

Here’s to successful passive income generating panty selling in 2020.

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