Mature Panty Sellers – An Interview

**Please note the image associated with this blog interview is not the interviewee. There are no images of sex workers on Panty Selling School**

What age are you? 

I’m 55 but will be 56 in a few weeks. 

How long have you been selling? 

I have been selling panties since February 2017. 

Where do you sell? 

When I first started selling panties I was only on pantydeal. Later I found it beneficial to be on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter to promote myself with social media. I removed my Tumblr account almost a year ago and Instagram has deleted my accounts now 10 times. I find Instagram very frustrating and currently do not have an account with them. Currently you can find me on pantydeal, manyvids, only fans, cam4, modelCentro, Twitter and my website 

Do you sell additional items other than panties? If so, what? 

When I first started I only sold panties and the pictures that go along with them. I found there was a great demand for sexting, nudes and videos. Now I offer a wide variety of clothing items, lingerie, stockings, shoes, bodily fluids, Sexting, nudes, videos, GFE (girlfriend experience) and customs. I’m very open to an abundance of opportunities!  


What are the pros of being an older seller in this industry? 

I think some of the pros of being a more mature seller are your confidence in yourself and your body and knowing who you are. I find it’s easier to be strong and not be pressured to do or sell things you are not comfortable with.   

 I also find it easier because you have a special niche. Buyers will definitely come to you when looking for an older more mature woman. I think they like the confidence an older women possesses and how straightforward we can be. 


What are the main challenges of being an older seller in this industry? 

I don’t think there were too many challenges being older. There are enough men out there or buyers to go around for everyone. I don’t think you need to be competitive with each other because we all have a little something different to offer. That’s why this field is so unique.There’s just a little something for everyone. 


What advice do you have for women over 40 who’d like to get into this work but worry they are ‘too old’? 

I would help women over 40 in almost the same way I would help young sellers. I would say connections and networking are very important. We’ve all learned a lot and have tidbits of information to share to help build your business. I would definitely suggest you follow or join in one of the panty selling groups. The podcasts are great help. And ask questions and being willing to change, try new things and grow. 


What advice do you have for young sellers who want to break into the industry? 

I would make almost the same suggestions for younger sellers as I would for older sellers. We’re all offering pretty much the same basic things. Just stay true to yourself. Be who you are. When you share a little bit about yourself and your true personality I think it makes all the difference in the world. 


What percentage of your customers actively seek you out for your maturity? 

I would say over 60% of my customers sought me out because of my age. I think I kept them as customers because of my personality 


Would you say being an older seller has certain advantages over younger sellers? If so, what? 

I think being older just gives you a different perspective. I think with age comes experience and confidence and easier self-expression. And I don’t think you should ever tried to compete with what someone else has that you don’t. I think you should love who you are flaws and all. 


Anything else you’d like to add? 

You know with Panty selling I think you just got to jump in. Come up with a couple ideas, post your panties, start getting to know other sellers and buyers. You got to start somewhere and just find the path that’s right for you. Trial and error! Good luck! 


Kisses & Licks💋 

Muffy Dynamite 

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