Men Who Buy Panties – An Interview

How long have you been buying panties for?

I’ve been buying panties for at least 10 years but I’ve been “obsessed” for double that time.

Where do you buy from?
I buy from stores and second-hand stores. I have girls I have met on local trading forums like Craigslist and KIK that I do hand-to-hand exchanges with. I

have bought from dedicated panty sellers but I worry about questions from my wife so that gets tricky. I also love buying new panties for girls and then seeing them in them.

How often do you buy a new pair?

Three times a month at least. I like to buy bundles.

Do you buy additional items from panty sellers? If so, what?
Every so often a bra, but they are too expensive
What do you look for in a panty seller?

Cute panties. I’m not into lace and thongs… That’s what most sellers concentrate on a lot. I prefer full back cotton, microfiber, or even satin panties. Not “granny panties” but, just cute, sexy ones with cute designs.

What turns you off from wanting to buy?

Seeing panties with stains and discharge. I know that is backwards from most people but I like to wear them and I want them used but clean.

What advice would you give to a new seller?
To take good pictures that are enticing and also show pictures of the panties new, and off your body.

Consider this, it’s easier to sell 10 pair for $15-$25 each than it is to sell one pair for $50. Let’s be honest, they don’t cost that much. Everything after the first pair is profit.

What advice would you give to a new buyer?

Don’t be an asshole. Don’t waste a seller’s time because it makes sellers not excited about selling to you. Don’t push for extra pics and such.

Do you think the market is saturated with sellers?

Absolutely not, the market needs new, fresh faces. 

What does the future hold for panty selling online do you think?
I think that local forums are the way. If there was a way for all girls to know that their panty drawer is a gold mine there would be a lot more selling. When I buy a pair I want them right now, I hate waiting, and waiting is a reason I don’t buy sometimes. I prefer hand-to-hand exchanges. 
Any other comments you’d like to add… 
I am a 32 year old married man who has this closet panty fetish. My wife knows that I like certain things on her and she wears them for me. I have given, and sold hers in the past. It is just as much of a rush to give hers to someone else as it is to buy from someone. I know that panty selling is about the money for the sellers but, if the sellers would talk to the buyers afterwards and ask what they like, and even what they use them for, they would repeat buy! I know there’s some creeps and perverts out there and that will happen a lot, but the fact that your selling panties means you know it’s someone with a little pervert in them. 🙂  

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