Mind Your Business

Are you making this mistake?

I see this a lot. 

Whether it’s in my group, on Twitter, on platforms… 

And if you’re guilty of this (and I know most of us are) then you’re literally sabotaging your own business and your own income.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about PAYING (because you are fucking paying) attention to what other sellers are doing but more than that, getting mentally involved in THEIR business.

And if you’re busy over there in THEIR business, who the fuck is minding yours?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It’s absolutely FINE to see what other sellers are doing.

To disagree with it or not.

That’s all good.

That is NORMAL human behaviour.

But here’s what you mentally ought to be doing whenever you see something that triggers a reaction in you…

Oh, how curious. Oh well, back to my business I go.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Anything ILLEGAL or whatever should get reported. But I’m not really referring to anything like that.

I’m mainly referring to other sellers prices – this is probably the biggest area where sellers like you get hung up and take time and energy and mental space away from THEIR OWN business and put it in someone else’s.

It’s rife on Twitter too. 

And the more time and energy you expend on what other sellers are doing, the less time and energy you’re spending on your own business.


You have to learn to drop it like it’s hot.

Allow yourself one minute of shock and horror or envy or anything else that’s being triggered inside of you and then FUCKING DROP IT.

Don’t for fuck’s sake sabotage your own business by being so caught up in what everyone else is doing.

Ask yourself whether your current mode of thinking is pushing you further towards or further away from building your own biz.

And that’s it.

You’ll 10x your results whenever you’re ready to let go of drama and dismay at what the other sellers are doing. Trust me!

Eyes on the road. Hands on the wheel. Keep going.

Trust what’s inside you.

Learn to use the inner guidance inside you as to what’s right for you and your business and act accordingly.

I hope that helps.

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