Moving The Conversation To KIK or Email?

I got this message from a used panty seller:

What do you do when you meet someone on Panty Deal and they want to take the convo off site to Kik or email? 

I have someone who wants to buy used panty liners but he wants to email about it. Is this a red flag? Would appreciate any advice, thanks.


Let’s start with the email first.

I would only email someone if I was using my panty selling email address. You need to set this up right at the beginning of your selling journey.

It goes without saying that you would never email a potential customer from your personal email address.

Next up, attachments.

I would not open attachments that a buyer sent me via email. You just never know about viruses and all that shit.


I also would not send attached images or videos to a buyer over email.

Upload that shit to a drive and then share to their email address from there.


Those guidelines should keep you right.

Email text messages only and don’t be exchanging digital items over email.

Let’s talk about KIK.

A lot of buyers are unhappy messaging over the panty selling platform’s message system because it’s slow or clunky or because they can’t get an immediate reply from you.

It makes sense in some instances where there’s going to be a lot of coming and going (PUN) especially if the person wants to buy sexting that you move on to a platform like KIK or Wire.

If a customer straight off the bat in the first messages asks for my KIK, I say no. I tell them I prefer to message on the site platform until I know whether I can help them.

Because whenever I gave out the KIK straight away it mostly didn’t work out that well. Either I wasn’t even selling what they were looking for or they just wanted freebies.

So no, for me personally, I wait to see how the conversation is panning out on the message system first, and then I make a decision about whether I want to give them my KIK.

If they get all pissy, then you know you’ve made the right decision by not giving them it.

Gauge the interaction first before giving someone your KIK.

It’s no biggie if you have to end up blocking their KIK but in my experience, most genuine buyers don’t straight off the bat ask for your KIK handle – but always check reviews!!!

I hope that helps.

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