Nail Your Niche – A Niching Guide For Sex Workers

First of all, it’s NICHE (NEE-SH). All these people (and dictionaries) saying “NITCH”… No. I’m not having it. Period.

Glad we got that out the way. 😉

So yeah, niches.

A niche is basically a specialisation in any given field and what better industry to find your niche than the sex work industry?

I mean, we have about fourteen thousand weird and wonderful (mostly weird let’s face it) fetishes.

You think you’re hear to sell panties until all of a sudden there’s a guy wanting you to rub toothpaste foam on your armpits and film it.

True story.

Here’s the thing: it’s absolutely fantastic creating a tonne of offers to maximise your income stream on panty selling platforms (and wherever else you choose to sell panties). But what if just focusing on a very small select subcategory (that’s niche btw) would actually lead to more impact and more income?

What if you just did ONE THING?

What if you got exceptionally good at said ONE THING?

And what if you became KNOWN for that ONE THING and attracted all the guys that want that one thing?

Before you throw your phone across the room in disgust as such a suggestion, hear me out.

Doing just one thing means you basically have one message – not one thousand.

It means you are only looking for one specific type of customer.

It means all your messaging and adverts form around one solid theme. Hello, head space and not burning out trying to satisfy and attract every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Perhaps you already know you have particular strengths in one area of your offerings…

Perhaps your customers have already told you that you’re the best at X (or should that be XXX – LOLZ)…

Or maybe you’re just curious about how you could make it work to be the absolute QUEEN in a given area.

Well, let’s find out shall we?

Introducing my latest guide:

NAIL YOUR NICHE – how to stand out and magnetize specific buyers who want what you’ve got!

In this guide I walk you through the power of niching, how to find your niche, what to consider and then include a number of SW-related suggestions or avenues you can choose to focus on.

There’s nothing out there like this for sex workers (I checked). This is the only guide of its kind inviting you to consider potential avenues where you’re going to become the ‘go-to gal’ in your chosen sex work niche.

Ready to jump in?

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Nail Your NIche

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