Take Your Panty Selling To The Next Level – Advice From A Used Panty Buyer

Do you want to know how to up your game and sell more used panties? Here’s a guest blog post from a used panty buyer to help you glean an insight into what it takes to go over and above the usual panty selling…


                   Good                                Better                                  Fail

Read buyers profileRead and understand your buyer by what they share in their profileLook at their pictures skim profile, Cold call data gathering and doing nothing with the data
First contact with the buyerCharming greeting, humorous, insightful, engaging, conversation starter“Hey 😊” – GAWD I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve seen that eye rolling “ice breaker”
Establish a connection with the buyerWitty banter, flirting, the idea being the buyer WANTS to talk to YOU not your ass, pussy and tits…. Your WHOLE person!Short terse or cold question and answer, no investment of who YOU are as a seller
Seller self-assessmentDo you want to do business with this buyer? Is there a connection? Yes = Turn up the comfortable charm and the $$$ will come. Serve the connectionMake the sale at all costs it’s all about the $$ Suckers walk money talks.
Make the saleSuggestive selling pricing on your profile, packages and bundles. Confidence in your worth.Hard Sell, Personal hardship sale, White Knight Sale, Sugar Daddy sale, World owes me a living sale, Pity party sale
Collect the $$$Easy and a several choices of payment options username on your profileComplicated or risky payment method let’s face it PayPal is not very friendly to this industry.
Assembling and shipping the productInteresting and feminine presentation make the parcel unpackaging an event worthy of the occasion even if it’s just a typical Tuesday night pecker tug. 😉 With a noteA pair of wadded up panties in a Ziploc sandwich bag shoved into a bubble envelope. No note, Nothing worthy of this intimate occasion.
After sale follow-upALWAYS write a review of your buyer worthy of the exchange. Touch base after receipt of the package inquire as to the satisfaction in the products or services.One and done treatment. Yeah it can work but as hard as you had to hustle to earn the sale why on earth wouldn’t you want to invest a little to increase the odds of repeat business?


There are two kinds of buyers in this realm.

There are the ones who “KNOW” what they want, understand this is a business and are willing to pay “YOUR PRICE” to get it.

And then there are the ones who don’t know what they want for sure, they come in walking around sneaking a lick here and there sticking their dirty fingers into the pudding like a greedy kid at a smorgasbord.

You’ve got to ask yourself who do you want to do business with?

Greedy kids need fed too and if that’s your game and what you want? Go get it girl!

There are thousands of those looking to stick their grubby fingers in your pudding at $15 bucks for a one-time deal and $2 bucks a picture and EXPECT their pussy pop for free!

But it’s also possible to find that buyer who understands that this is “YOUR BUSINESS”, who pays “YOUR PRICE”, who speaks to you in a manner “YOU REQUIRE” and who respects “YOUR BOUNDARIES”, and who also comes back again and again… 

If you want to establish a connection with a confident, self-assured gentleman buyer, you’re going to have to do the work to deliver on the customer promise by providing an overall buying experience beyond expectations.

You want to make it easy for them to forget the sacrifice of currency for the product and service.

Let me paint a picture in words comparing this kind of panty buyer to the patrons of a high-end restaurant.

When I go to a high-end restaurant I know I’m going to have to pay and how much for my dining experience because the bill of fare is posted right by the door with pricing.

I know this restaurant is in high demand because of the long reservation wait list or if no reservations are taken there is always a line out the door.

It increases my desire to do business because I just don’t want to miss out.

So right off the bat I’m confident whatever I get will be fantastic.

I’ve read the reviews about this restaurant, so I’ve got another layer of confidence that the chef and service staff understand what a 5-star dining experience is.

My meal arrives artfully prepared using the highest quality ingredients and beautifully presented with panache.

The chef inquires as to my overall satisfaction.

I’ve already decided I’ll be back…

This is the reality of both the service and retail industries.

Can it be fun and rewarding work?

An emphatic yes, but it also presents its unique challenges.

Join a Sellers group compare notes, toss out ideas and solutions to challenges, properly assess your value, decide what niche or niches you want to serve, clearly communicate your terms, know your customer, and deliver on the customer promise.

If you want a bit more guidance, I’ve heard many good things about The Panty Selling School and have done business with ladies who are active in their selling groups.

I have experienced firsthand the fruits that come from those efforts.


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