Panty Selling Online – If It Wasn’t About The Money

I know a lot of women get into this work for money.

Heck, it was my reason too!

After reading this blog post I decided to try my luck selling my used underwear online.

The rest is history.

But today I want to dabble in some mind-fuckery/unfuckery with you.

If mindset is your thing, this is the post for you.

If being willing to play around and experiment with different ideas and concepts, this is the post for you..

I wrote this blog post a while back about staying unattached to the outcome and how that can get you out your own way.

Often we are so focused on the outcome that we NEED, that we don’t access or see the benefits of the entire experience. For us or our buyers.

I’m talking about us getting around the fact that you want the money. Overcoming the need for the sale. Releasing the need for him to buy.

The money, the money, the money.

Yes, when we are back against the wall that can unleash power and creativity we’ve never dreamed of. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about being focused on the fear and the lack and the need.

So what if we mentally push the money aside?

What would happen?

What if it wasn’t about getting?

When the money is the SOLE motivation behind your exchange with your customers, you are operating from that place of attachment and fear. And sometimes that works to push your customers away. It’s an energetic thing, baby.

What if it was already a given that the money would come anyway?

How would that change things for you?

What if it wasn’t about the money (even though it is)?

What if it was about the person you’re selling to?

What if you could take your attention off of yourself and your needs for one moment to engage in a way where money was not even a topic of consideration? Where money wasn’t even on the table?

How would that change things for you?

Can you feel the utter relief of that right now?

Can you feel how much lighter your exchanges would be where money was already in hand and taken care of and you didn’t NEED or hold this heavy feeling of want/desire for it?

If it wasn’t about the money for one hour or one day, what would that look like.

Would you be willing to try it?

To engage in your business and selling for one moment in time where the money was completely irrelevant.

Can you tap into that energy of selling to customers where their money is not your sole objective, but simply because they are the ideal client you want to work with?

If you dig this concept, you’ll love the 7 Day Sales Challenge I’ve just launched. There’s a lot of getting out of your own way and tapping into your ideal client, what you want your selling to feel like, to all the things that we don’t give consideration to because we’re so busy fucking hustling.

These are the kinds of exercises I do AS STANDARD every single fucking day.

YES, I do a lot of journalling around the money and the sales and the financial objectives.

But that’s just to hammer home the fact that that side of things is done. I’ve taken care of that.

I don’t have to worry about that because that IS DONE.

What I do need to get clear on is how I want this to feel. How my selling makes me feel. Who my customers are and what I can do for them.

And you need to know that it’s possible for you to have A SAY in that.

It’s not a case of being completely powerless and hoping and wishing that the engagements I have and the selling experiences I have go well. 

Fuck that.

Let’s understand that we all get to decide how we show up, first and foremost.

Then we DECIDE. 

We decide how we will manage our business and how we will respond to what happens and what shows up.

We will also give ourselves space to define our business the way we want it to be.

And since I’ve worked consistently on this, I literally experience less than a tenth of the bullshit I had in the beginning.

And even when it shows up, it means nothing. Just little blips to remind me of my journey and to come back to what is soul aligned in my business.

Whenever I’m feeling unsure or uncertain or I’m becoming too attached to a certain outcome, I sit down with my journal and I get fucking clear all over again.

This is a big part of how I run my business.

If you want to join me on this journey, sign up for the 7 Day Sales Challenge where you can access worksheets with the kinds of questions I regularly ask myself.







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