One Of The Best Ways To Boost Selling Panties Online

When it comes to selling your underwear online one of the most important things to figure out is who you are.

​I know, right? The quintessential question we’re all here on earth trying to figure out…

But what I mean is WHO ARE YOU when it comes to panty selling?

Part of what I offer the women on the panty selling platform I’m currently using is a review of their profile description to help them get out of their own way when it comes to describing themselves.

Even when I’m checking out new sellers I’m always surprised at what I see in profile descriptions.

Now, no judgement here, the struggle is fucking real when it comes to filling in any profile description – hello, online dating!

But when it comes to your profile description on a panty selling platform (or other medium) you really have to do better than

“Hey, I’m new here and just want to sell some panties for cash.”

Because, frankly, that’s not going to cut it.

Imagine you walked into a shop on the high street – my favourite analogy – and as soon as you walked in the store owner said hi, I’m here to make money.

Would you want to stick around?

Probably not.

So your panty selling profile is no different.

Sure, your motivation is important and nobody is so naive as to think that women aren’t interested in being compensated for there efforts. There aren’t many women I know selling panties purely for the fun of it – although, I’m sure they exist.

But for fuck’s sake, if you don’t want to kill the sale then please don’t mention that you’re all about the cold, hard cash when your customer is wanting to get a feel for WHO YOU ARE!

Which leads me on to just what should you put in your profile?

Well, you obviously don’t want to tell them everything about you, an air of mystery is always a good thing.

But ideally you want to give them an idea of what you look like physically, what you’re interested in, what interests and drives you in this line of work and perhaps how you like to enjoy yourself.

I honestly think that carbon copying the whole “I’m a bored, horny housewife who masturbates every five minutes” is old and boring and probably the 99th time the customer has read that…that day!

So dare to be a little different.

Unleash your creativity.

I have only tweaked my profile description perhaps two times in months. Because I’m quite happy with how ‘me’ I come across in it.

First impressions mean EVERYTHING n this game.

I have seen some absolutely FANTASTIC profiles that you’d swear the woman writing it has a PhD in copywriting.

But don’t fret, you don’t have to be overly wordy. You just have to be you. Nobody else can be you and that’s what makes it so easy.

Play around with different ideas and relax. You don’t have to come across anything other than the real you to be viewed as interesting, genuine and a little different.

If you want your profile to stand out, dare to be different!

Create intrigue.

Use humour.

Have fun!

Of course, be sexy and flirtatious – that never hurts!

Test it out and see what happens.

If you’d like help with your profile, get in touch x

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1 thought on “One Of The Best Ways To Boost Selling Panties Online”

  1. Hey Dalma,
    Great blog with amazing tips in the panty selling business. I’m BRAND new at this, and a little taken back at the work that really has to go into it, to be successful. I am determined, though, because I believe I have a great product (me) and do really want to share it with several (in secret, of course..haha). CAn you help me with my profile? I like what I have, and have had great interest, but I feel the only people chatting with me are scammers. I really have a hard time distinguishing between them and anyone genuine. I have not made a sale yet.


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