Why You Need To Sell On Onlyfans

So, just how do you sell on Onlyfans? If you’ve listened to the podcast recently you’ll know that I am now in love with Onlyfans.

I’m literally kicking myself that I didn’t start using Onlyfans 6 months ago when I first heard about it.

A lot of sellers are reticent to join because they think they can make more money with the same content by selling it individually on platforms like Pantydeal or Scented Pansy.

And they’re right.


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If you think about it, premade pics normally sell for $1-3 each. Videos sell for much more. And here you are giving away content every day or few days for anything from $5-$15 on average per month! They’re basically getting up to $200-$300 of content for what, $9.99?


I know, I get it.

But here’s why you ought to think again.

Subscriptions attract more customers.

Charging your fans $9.99 per month is more attractive to them than charging them $1-200 in one go. The higher price is a barrier to entry to your products. When you keep the price point that low, it’s a no-brainer and it feels very easy to them.  Plus, they know and trust the Onlyfans platform because it’s a legitimate site with umm, 12 MILLION users.

Your customers don’t realise that they might end up paying more over the longer term, but they’re too busy getting immediate access to your content and enjoying the benefits they get as a member of your Onlyfans. Spoiler: treat your Onlyfans members VERY WELL. You’ll reap the benefits by going above and beyond their expectations.

Because the price is super low, you don’t even have to work hard to get them on board. Special deals help sweeten the deal and slowly but surely you’ll build your fan base.

Want to know how many fans I want?


That’s what I’ve worked out I need to meet my desired goal.

Not that many is it?

A lot of accounts have a few thousand followers!

Remember the podcast episode I did on 1000 true fans and how all you really need is 100 die-hard fans to be earning comfortably?


What we’re concentrating on here is growing your monthly recurring revenue.

When you are using a pay-once strategy with the majority of your customers, you’re having to work harder to constantly attract and convert customers in order to earn well. We all know how up and down panty selling can be. Quiet months are hard and your earnings can fluctuate wildly.

With Onlyfans, your customers are making payments on a regular basis. You get to set your price and so you get to decide what your ideal monthly revenue is going to be once you reach a certain level. With Onlyfans you don’t have to do anything, they take the payment for you every month so there’s no need to chase customers or deal with bloody payment methods!

Did I mention that you make more than your monthly subscription anyway?

If you’re working your Onlyfans model well, then you are upselling in the profile and asking for tips for additional offers. You can also offer special deals to upsell panties and other items they might like. Before you know it, your customer has paid $9.99 to follow you and then an additional $50-$100 on additional extras. 

Because you have continuous contact with your subscribers, you are able to build the know, like and trust factor, which makes it easier to market your other offerings. Upselling in your Onlyfans is easier because your fans are already aware of the value you provide. 

Once they have seen the monthly cost as just part of their budget, it means that any additional items become more affordable than trying to sell them those things off the bat.



Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Obviously there’s no guarantee that your fans will stay subscribed and yes, the length of time they stay subscribed to your onlyfans will vary. That’s why it’s important to create life-long customers by going above and beyond in your content.

Ask them what they like, get feedback and give them what they want.

Create special offers and deals that make them feel special.

Message them regularly.

Keeping them from leaving is critical to your success on Onlyfans.

The final reason you should opt for an Onlyfans model is that it’s actually the decent thing to do for your customers.

Look at it this way, they essentially get a risk-free (well, a few dollars) trial of what you have to offer. If they go all out and purchase a higher-ticket item from you they don’t get the opportunity to see whether it’s for them or not.

You get to WOW them for not much of a risk on their part so that it’s easier for them to make a decision about whether you’re the seller for them.

They’re getting your most up-to-date work rather than rehashed content you made six or more months ago! Because we all know that the seller you are  now is 100x better than what you were when you began. Now you’re able to deliver better value content because of the practice.

Now, if you’re not the kind of seller who can be consistent and carry out a regular schedule of content then perhaps Onlyfans is not for you.

It is a commitment.

You need to be in it for the long-haul.

You’re not going to be an overnight success unless you already have a super massive audience. But you can build it slowly and you can offer special deals to your existing panty buyers to get the ball rolling. Chances are they’d love to see more of you!

In terms of building that audience, you need to be regularly advertising your account. Twitter is my new favourite place to hang out and build my following.

Offer special introductory offers to entice people to check you out.

If you have a following on social media then put it in your all my links or linktree so that people can find you easily.

Cross promote with other sellers.

Offer special deals within the Onlyfans to regular customers. For example, all Onlyfans subscribers automatically get 15% off panty purchases or whatever.

If you have a G Drive or Dropbox, pop an advert in there too.

But honestly, I think this model is 10x better than a GDrive or Dropbox offer.

It’s something you can be super creative with – the functionality of the site is very good.

Basically, this is a top-notch way to offer high quality digital content that will give you a recurring revenue each month. You benefit and your customer does too.

Good luck!

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  1. This makes sense. I am still trying to land on a fair price for my subscription. Right now I have it as free with paid posts but I’m not sure this is the direction I want to take. I want the highest chances of keeping my viewers coming back.

    • I think that’s actually a great strategy. A no-brainer to follow and they pay for what they want. Totally a great strategy. Keep at it!

    • Greetings! I haven’t opened an account, yet, but I would like to sell panties, but I have no idea how to start plus I don’t really want to be posting pictures about myself. Can you share with me your page so I can follow you and have some ideas? Thanks!

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