Organising Your Workload

I’ve mentioned before on the podcast about how I make use of batching in order to organise my panty selling workload. 

What is batching?

Batching is basically doing all the same tasks at the same time, rather than chopping and changing over your day or week.

It means that for that specific time you’re focused on one activity and preparing it in advance so that it’s taken care of and you can get on with everything else.

Examples of work I ‘batch’:

Twitter posts

Subscription site posts

Blog posts


Making contact with buyers

Of course, you can apply this to basically everything in your whole entire life to make things easier on yourself.

So, to give you some idea of how it works, once per month I will sit down and schedule my Tweets for my Twitter account. I make sure to post two per day, one in the morning and one at night – to cover major timezones.

I use Hootsuite. I know some people think that there are problems using these kinds of apps but from what I’ve read online this seems to be more likely with Instagram than Twitter. I’ve never noticed any problems with those scheduled tweets not being liked or retweeted so I’m good. Plus, you can always be inside Twitter to retweet those prescheduled tweets – saving yourself more time and hassle.

That means that I have 60 pics (always tweet pics if you’re a panty seller or sex worker) that I have ready to go at one sitting. If you don’t have that many stock images, that needs to be your first port of call. There’s nothing wrong with reusing same images weeks apart.

I tend to write my blog posts 2 or 3 at a time. Sometimes I would bang out six or seven in one go but often I’m writing about something that’s important in the here and now and I like that my creativity works and that my writing is better when I’m fired up about something.

Which leads me on to a very important point: you must be clever about when you choose to do certain things.

For me, I’m best recording my podcast first thing in the morning when my brain is working better. 

I’m better at showing up and being super sexy around ovulation – less likely to do things that really push me out of my comfort zone around premenstrual times (weeks 3 and 4).

I take better pictures after 3pm when the sun is hitting a certain angle in my bedroom.

It pays to know when you work at your optimum and when you are more likely to want to sit on the sofa and do fuck all. It also pays to know when it’s best to do certain things so you can really amplify the cards stacking in your favour to really get shit done.

I take my pictures for the week ahead on a Sunday afternoon. This is my stock images for my subscription sites for the week ahead.

I don’t always batch my subscription site posts but I’ll tend to do them all at the same time. So, once a day I will sit down and I’ll upload to each of them. I may schedule them to be at a certain time of day when the Americans wake up as they tend to be my biggest audience. So even though I’m sorting that out at 10am, the posts come out at 2pm.

I also employ someone to take care of my social media – Twitter and Onlyfans. I still run a lot myself but basic stuff like reposting blog posts, podcasts and making contact with sellers is done by my employee. I pay him $15 an hour on average and he’s worth every penny because it takes the drag out of the work for me.

If you’re looking to become more effective with your time, here’s what I’d suggest:

Sit down with paper and pen and write down the list of all tasks associated with your work. 

Identify which ones are easily batchable.

On the same sheet of paper identify the time you have in the week to batch. Are there specific days or times of day when you know you’ll be ‘free’ to sit down and work on something in particular?

Look at what tasks best suit what time of day or what day of week or even what time of the month of your menstrual cycle.

Once it’s all cross referenced, you can start to plan in when you are going to do certain tasks.

Schedule that time in your calendar. Make it a priority.

When it’s time to do the batch work, switch off your notifications and any distractions. Have a reward on standby for once you have finished the job.

Yes, it’s monotonous as fuck. By the time you get to the end you’ll be so damn bored. 


Imagine how good it feels to get all that shit done for the month ahead! No need to worry about showing up on Twitter that day if you don’t feel like it because you’re already showing up.

No need to worry about what pics you’re going to post today because they’re all in the phone just waiting to go.

It’s honestly so worth it and like I said, you can apply this to all parts of your life. It’s a god-send for getting shit done and it will free you up to be more creative in the rest of your work.


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