What Makes A Panty Buyer Reply To Your Message?

When a used panty buyer receives a message on a panty selling platform, what makes him reply?

Today’s post is a guest post from a panty buyer…

Dalma has asked me to describe the process on how I make a decision for a panty purchase.

Over the past 10 years I have become an panty aficionado and I have different requirements depending on my mood. Right now, I am craving ovulation and workout panties. I usually put what I’m looking for in my profile to save time.

My inbox is full of solicitations from used panty sellers every day and this is how I decide who to reply to (and buy from):

Sellers who have read my profile or read my reviews get immediate attention. Some typical examples might be:

“Hello!! I see you have a preference for women who are currently ovulating. I’m ovulating now and would love for you to try out my panties! Check me out if you get a chance”

“I can help you out with the gym panties. I work out daily. I can do panties or go commando in tight little yoga shorts…more surface for your pleasure…”

“Hello. I’m new on here. I’m wondering what buyers such as yourself look for. I read your reviews and I would love to make some panties for you”

I check their profiles to read their bio and listings. I look for explicit descriptions and some fun vibes. I’ll send a message with some graphic questions and of course request that they use a tracking number and keep me posted on the progress.

If they are fun to chat with and we can work out the details, I request they create an order. I make the payment and pray they are not a scammer!

I love helping new panty sellers because it is fun and they are eager to learn the business.

Once the panties arrive, I send detailed feedback to the seller and leave a review. Sellers seem to enjoy my reviews.

In terms of which messages I don’t reply to, I tend to delete the “Hi Handsome” or “Are you horny today?” type messages. Yes, they are cute
but impersonal, so I delete them and don’t respond.

I hope that helps.



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