Panty Platfrom ED Adds Age Verification

Something that’s come up on the Panty Selling Podcast before is the grey area of age verification for used panty buyers.

Most platforms ask panty buyers to confirm they are over 18 by ticking a box. It’s no surprise that some sellers feel very apprehensive that they could be selling to someone under age.

So I’m so pleased to see a panty selling platform take it one step further and add a bona fide age verification check to their platform to make things safer and more secure for panty sellers.

Here’s an update from ED Emporium:

“After numerous sellers getting in touch with me about how difficult it is to age verify buyers, I decided to update ED Emporium with a buyer age verification option.

It is optional but I would encourage buyers to verify their age on the website so sellers don’t have to ask for age verification themselves.

Some buyers I see have used this option already, some sellers still may want to still do a quick age confirmation with them.

I have also added an area on the site for sellers to add their “Buy me a coffee” link so they can receive tips/treats from supporters. I have one more update for 2020 planned & I plan in 2021 further updates to the website.

So watch this space!

Stay Safe,


Isn’t that awesome?

I love seeing a panty selling platform elevate and offer functionality that supports sex workers and provides a safe and secure space for everyone.

Thanks ED Emporium


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