When A Used Panty Buyer Won’t Leave You A Review…

I got this message from a panty seller:

“Argh! I have a buyer who ordered and paid for a session and was super happy but then claimed he couldn’t log back in to leave a review. And he just ordered a $70 package from me just though kik but when I asked him to go close out the order on Scented Pansy, he just ignored me and asked what I was doing!

But I can see he just viewed my profile! Is there any reason why he’d be hesitant to use the site? He has lots of reviews and he always pays right away so I’m confused why he’s giving me the run around! I’m a newbie so every review counts!”


This is my reply:


That is soooooo frustrating.

There can be reasons why a buyer wouldn’t leave you a review on a panty selling platform like not wanting another seller to know he’s bought from someone else but I have to say that is rare. It’s probably only come up for me twice.

If I were you I’d keep going with the order and after a little more conversation I’d say something like: 

“I’m really enjoying our fun here. It really would make my day if you could review me on SP. As you know I’m new to the site and reviews really help. I won’t hassle you about it again but if you could find time to leave me a review I’ll send you a little something as a thank you 😘😘😘” 

The thing could be a nude or whatever feels comfortable to you. I’ve done this to really coerce (in a nice way) a buyer to leave me a review.

I don’t know about you but when I buy things off ebay I’m not all that bothered about leaving sellers a review. It’s just not high up in my importance. It’s really asking someone to take a few minutes out of there day. Now, when a seller contacts me and asks nicely, because I’m a nice person, I usually take those minutes out to do it. If they were going to reward me for it, then even better!

I don’t personally advocate offering a freebie every single time (and not without someone actually buying from you) but if someone needs a little persuasion then so be it. 

And then I’d leave it at that. Three times is probably the maximum times of asking before letting it go and moving on to the next buyer.


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