Panty Sellers Helping Sellers

Today I’m talking to Carmen, who has just recently branched out to helping panty sellers on Scented Pansy.


Introduce yourself

My name is Carmen Crasiny, and I’m so happy to be included in this interview! Thank you to Dalma for welcoming me, and thank you to all you lovely readers for giving me your time!

I adore what I do for a living. For a while now, online sex work has been my full time gig, and I can’t imagine having it any other way for the foreseeable future!


How long have you been selling?

I started up my business on Scented Pansy over two years ago, and despite a couple one to two week-long breaks, I’ve been active on the site ever since! I believe we should normalize sellers taking breaks from time to time because if you don’t allow yourself time away from your phone or your laptop, sex work can turn into quite a taxing endeavour. It’s important to fight burn-out before it happens by regimenting when you work and when you take time for yourself!

Yes, starting any business requires a lot of time and energy, especially in the beginning, but please don’t make the mistake I did when I started and let it consume you 24/7! Allow yourself time away from your selling platforms and take the time to enjoy the world around you!


What do you sell?

Oh gosh, I sell so many different products and services at this point that it’s almost hard to keep track! Of course, I love what I’ve come to consider the basics by offering things such as: panties and other clothing such as pantyhose and socks; videos of all sorts ranging from steamy premade sextapes, solo masturbation, or custom content just waiting to be made; Skype calls that can either be completely tame get-to-know-you time or get-down-and-dirty time depending on my client’s is feeling in the moment; and more!

Quick Non-Comprehensive List of many of my other services for those who are interested: Girlfriend Experiences, Sissy Experiences, Sissy Tasks, Bathroom Videos, Lemonade, Cock Ratings, Bush Trimmings, Other Worn Items (Shoes, Leggings, etc), and my newest favorite thing to do because it encourages proper pandemic etiquette: scented face masks!


What do you love about this industry?

When I first began my business, I was lucky enough to have what I would call realistic expectations of the income I could expect at first. I was fortunate enough to avoid the exploitative articles in which authors talk about “hOW tO MaKe $500/DaY bY SELlIng Ur pANtiEs” and other things that promote the idea that this line of work is always a get-rich-quick business model.

After a while of learning the ropes and establishing myself, I grew to find a consistent flow of income. I never expected was that I would one day run a business that allowed me to live modestly off of my income from sex work selling platforms alone, yet here I am. I am incredibly proud of what I have already accomplished, and I have high hopes for my future as well!

I can say honestly that sex work has provided me with an incredible sense of confidence in myself, both in my appearance as you may expect, but also in my business acumen.

Sex work sites opened my eyes and my mind to all the kinks and fetishes I’d only ever heard of in passing, and I found it SO invigorating. I was finally able to express my sexuality openly and freely without fear of judgement. It felt so liberating.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my love and adoration for the sellers I have the privilege of working beside! I was so surprised by the strong community of sellers I found on Scented Pansy. Ultimately, sellers take care of each other, and I love that we’re able to have that kind of culture on Scented Pansy.


What are the biggest challenges in your opinion?

Now that I have expanded onto platforms other than Scented Pansy, I’ve realized just how challenging it is to juggle multiple sites at once! I’m working on a stricter schedule (that still allows for free time!) for myself in which I set aside time for specific sites on specific days in order to help myself with this!

Although I’ve largely improved in this area, I still sometimes struggle with remaining motivated to produce as much content or post as regularly as I’d like. I want other sellers to understand that this is normal, and that I would wager a bet that everyone has dealt with that feeling from time to time! Consistency is key, and it’s so important to set realistic goals in order to keep yourself moving forward towards achieving the milestones that are important to you.


What made you decide to get into teaching sellers?

When I was first starting out, I rarely talked to other sellers because I didn’t know what to say or maybe because I was intimidated by others’ successes. Once I began liking and commenting on other sellers’ content, however, I began making connections.

Earlier this year, I was able to organize a fundraising event on Scented Pansy with nine lovely women from the site. I compiled a Google Drive of photos and videos from all ten of us, and I shared it with Buyers in exchange for a set donation amount! Together we were able to raise over $600 for the NAFC’s Covid-19 Relief Fund. If that doesn’t tell you the power this community holds, I don’t know what would!

During the fundraiser, I did my Scented Pansy Seller Interview, and in it I both promoted the fundraiser and told new sellers that they could reach out to me with questions. Let me tell you, the amount of messages from sellers I received over the following week was shocking to me! I responded to each one, providing advice and answering queries as I received them. That’s when I realized how much I enjoyed helping other sellers solve problems and develop plans to grow their businesses! After a few months of fielding questions pro bono, I decided that it was time to make things more official and begin providing Seller Chats to provide even more individualized feedback and to facilitate a true discussion!


What’s changed in the industry since you started?

I think overall Scented Pansy has only improved as a platform over the time I’ve been on. Throughout my time on the site, I witnessed the addition of many features, including the introduction of the button that allows you to repost sold listings, the implementation of the VIP club feature which operates on a monthly coin subscription, and even the recent advent of scheduled posting! Just like with every platform, I have some grievances (don’t get me started on Instagram’s rules!), but the site has come a long way since I first joined!

In my view, I’ve seen more sellers have recently been posting quite unique and creative listings, which only encourages more sellers to think outside the box. I love that we’re challenging each other to improve!

One other thing I’ve noticed is that following the large influx of new sellers to Scented Pansy, I’ve seen more examples of women under-valuing their products and services. This is especially true for custom video and Google Drive content, I’ve found. I want everyone, buyers and sellers alike, to understand the value of the time and energy we sellers put into our work, and I want to see everyone pricing their listings accordingly.


What do sellers need to know/understand in order to be successful in this business?

You dictate how buyers talk to you. Seriously, do not accept or ignore any disrespect from Buyers. It’s unacceptable for a Buyer to mistreat you, and you have the power to demand respect. You should keep in mind that you also have the power to block and report especially problematic Buyers.

Set boundaries and ensure Buyers respect them

Don’t try to compete with other sellers on price – New sellers should not value themselves as somehow lesser than a more veteran seller.

Regiment your work early on in your career in order to fight burn-out before it begins!

Understand that you don’t have to respond to every message immediately, and that you must build and maintain a reasonable work/life balance.


What are the biggest mistakes you see sellers make?

Based on what other sellers have described to me, it’s my impression that a lot of sellers accidentally give away what I would consider Sexting and/or GFEs for free. This is an example of sellers not valuing their time in terms of how many hours they spend time talking to buyers, or not understanding the value of what they’re giving away. It can help to break down your income by tracking the time you spend doing work-related activities versus what you bring in a given week or month to see what your approximate hourly wage is, and then try to implement strategies to maximize it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think under-pricing is the other most ubiquitous mistake I see on this site. I believe this occurs either because the majority of the sellers are new and think that makes their time less valuable, or because they want to undercut the market to make more small sales rather than fewer larger sales. The good news is that your time IS as valuable as a seasoned Seller, and the bad news is that undercutting the market to bring in more money doesn’t always go to plan


Tell us about your training offers?

I’m primarily promoting my Seller Training Chat Sessions right now, which are half hour or full hour discussions via a voice call. In the call, I’ll answer any questions you have, give you some ideas for strategies to boost your views and spur growth in your business, and provide you with feedback on your profile! Following the call, I will also provide written answers to the preliminary questions you send.

Shortly, I will also be offering informative articles discussing common seller questions and scenarios!


What’s your favourite platform/social media for selling and why?

Scented Pansy (CarmensCloset) is absolutely my home base, and is currently my most profitable source of income. I have expanded onto other platforms as well, including Pornhub, Manyvids, Reddit, and recently Onlyfans and Instagram!


Where can people find out more about your training?

I have a listing on Scented Pansy that can be ordered here.


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