Panty Sellers Over 40 – Older Women In The Adult Entertainment Industry

What age are you and how long have you been selling?

I am in my early 40’s and I’ve been selling on Pantydeal for 2 months now. I’ve been on other free local selling websites for longer and sold when I was younger as well.  Before I came to PD I was, and am still, selling locally in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area.


Do you sell anything other than panties?

Other than panties, I sell lingerie, scented scarves, my personal blankets, bodily fluids, socks, foot fetish pics and videos, as well as foot worship.

What are the pros of being an older seller?

Pros of being an older seller would be that the buyers don’t try to push you outside your comfort zone or try to persuade you to give them free stuff as much. I know what my limits and boundaries are and no one is going to get me to do anything that I’m not comfortable with. I don’t have this feeling of needing to satisfy every buyer that comes along to make a sell. I just want to do what I’m happy doing and get paid for that.

What are the challenges?

Challenges of being an older seller would be that you don’t have that young tight body anymore like buyers expect to see from watching a lot of porn. And you’re not willing to overextend yourself like some of the younger, newer girls are. Which means that the buyers are getting more for less from the younger girls, who are eager to please.

What advice would you give to older sellers?

Advice for my women over 40 that want to give it a go, but feel like they might be too old. There’s a reason why the term MILF and GILF are a thing. It’s because there are men that are specifically turned on and actively seeking women over 40.

What advice do you have for younger sellers?

Advice for younger sellers who want to break into the industry, go slow, pace yourself. If you jump onto a panty selling website and go full speed ahead, what’s left to give 6 months from now, when you are still needing that income, but you have nothing left to offer?

Don’t give it all away for free or to make that quick buck. Be patient, be good, sell product you feel proud off. Make sure to communicate well and build rapport with your buyers, so that they always want to come back. In those times when business is slow, you can always count on your regulars to sustain you.

What percentage of your sellers actively seek you out for your age?

I would say that 1/3 of my buyers seek me out for my age and the other 2/3 seek me out because of my location. They like to buy from someone closer to them to ensure a fresher product due to less shipping time.

Would you say being an older seller has more advantages over younger sellers?

The biggest advantage is being able to tell scammers and time wasters from the get The more seasoned you are, the more you are able to discern peoples motives and intentions. Being older also means that I’m more comfortable with my body and that comes across to my buyers as well.

Also, I feel that being older helps me with conversation, because I have a lot more life experiences to share and talk about. I feel that this helps especially when you come across a buyer who might be really introverted and this may be his first experience, you definitely want to be able to ease them into panty buying with a positive experience and help them feel normal and like you don’t see them as perverse, but a normal pesron on the site just like you.  

On a personal note, I enjoy being who I am… Whether we meet on the site or in person, what you see and what you get are an actual representation of who I am. I am in fact, this sweet, down to earth, southern housewife with a sensual side who loves to laugh and sell you my personal items to enjoy.. XOXO :*


SweetandSassy7 on Pd

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